Food company Barnana is seeking to reduce food waste by upcycling “ugly” bananas into plant-based snacks.

A study from Karlstad University in Sweden recently found that bananas were the most wasted produce at grocery stores. Many customers are resistant to buying bananas that are browning or ripe, and a large number of bananas are thrown out because they don’t look appealing enough for shoppers.


On Barnana’s website, the company says that it considers bananas to be “mother nature’s original energy bars.”

“We are on a mission to end food waste on organic banana farms by upcycling the bananas that used to go to waste,” says Banana on its website. In 2017, the company said, it saved around 16 million bananas from being wasted.

The company turns its rescued produce into snacks like plantain chips, banana brittle, and banana bites.



Use Browning Bananas at Home

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