As avocado prices have begun to dip back to normal after a surge last year, more restaurants are using this healthy fat-packed fruit, reports Bloomberg.

Chains from Starbucks to Chili’s and Wendy’s are adding avocado to the menu, joining companies like Chipotle, where guac is part of about half of all customers’ orders.


Last year, avocados had spiked in price because the supply wasn’t able to meet demand, according to People.

“Because avocados are a tree fruit it takes three or four years for the trees to reach maturity and start bearing fruit,” agricultural economist John Bovay told People. “So basically production can’t keep up with demand and when that happens, prices rise.”

Last year’s avocado crop in California was particularly low last year, leading to a reduced supply and higher prices.

This growing season, however, the fruits have been more readily available in California and Mexico, leading to a drop in wholesale prices.


During a conference call in April, Chipotle CEO Jack Hartung pointed out that the wholesale cost for a case of avocados had gone down from almost $80 to around $30.

“So, they’ve come back to kind of normal prices,” Hurting said, according to Bloomberg.

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