There are many conflicting stories about the invention of the hamburger but they all share the common denominator that someone put some type of meat patty between slices of bread and ta da – the hamburger was born. Whoever invented the burger, it was certainly an award-worthy idea. Americans eat nearly 50 billion burgers each year and burgers make up about 40 percent of all sandwiches sold. There is even a Hamburger Hall of Fame in Seymour, Wisconsin. While there are many types of burgers made from various meats, veggie burgers are speedily gaining in popularity. And why not? Veggie burgers are healthier, kinder and delicious. If you need help with veggie burgers, we have lots of great tips for you. Check out 10 Vegetables You Can Make Burgers With and The Healthy Homemade Veggie Burger: Tips and Tricks to Keep It Clean and Healthy. Of course, the most important thing is knowing Tricks for Making Veggie Burgers That Won’t Fall Apart.

Let’s celebrate the flavors of the world in 10 amazing vegan burgers.


1. Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers


Let’s start our world tour in Korea with these Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers. They combine “beefy” veggie burgers with sweet Korean BBQ sauce and spicy kimchi for a spectacular taste explosion in your mouth.

2. Edamame Burger With Cilantro Wasabi Aioli


Next, let’s trek over to Japan for this Edamame Burger with Cilantro Wasabi Aioli. This green burger is made from fresh edamame and Asian veggies and is served with a homemade, spicy aioli made from cashews, silken tofu, cilantro and Wasabi paste. Spicy goodness.

3. Hoisin Vegan Black Bean Burger with Spicy Sesame Sauce

Hoison-Burger-1035x800 (1)

Our next stop is China for this Hoisin Black Bean Burger with Spicy Sesame Sauce. Chinese food is delicious and BBQ food is delicious. Put them together and you get this Chinese BBQ burger topped with grilled scallions and bean sprouts and a spicy sesame sauce. Just don’t try to eat it with chopsticks.

4. Thai Quinoa Burgers


Our visit to Thailand gives us these delicious Thai Quinoa Burgers that are packed with flavor. We’re talking cilantro, red curry paste, soy sauce and red chili paste with snow peas, chickpeas and healthy quinoa. It all gets topped with sprouted mung beans for a sensational burger.


5. Mexican Bean Burger With Avocado Fries

burger (4)

Let’s defy geography and head over to Mexico for this Mexican Bean Burger with Avocado Fries. These burgers made from kidney beans, sweet corn and veggies are flavored with Mexican spices such as cumin, chili powder and smoked paprika. On the side are crispy and creamy baked avocado fries for a meal worth celebrating.

6. Hoppin’ John Sliders With Smoky Lemon Aioli Sauce and Sautéed Greens  


Next we go north to the United States but not too north because our next burgers are a Southern delight. These Hoppin’ John Sliders are a burger version of the classic dish eaten on New Year’s Day. Made with black-eyed peas, vegan sausage, lots of smoky spices and topped with homemade aioli, it’s only right that these sliders are served with sauteed greens, Southern-style.

7. Pizza Burgers

Around the World in 10 Amazing Vegan Burgers

How about we backpack across Europe and see what kind of burgers we can sample? In Italy, we find these yummy Pizza Burgers made from cannellini beans flavored with Italian seasoning. These burgers are topped with tomato sauce and cashew cream and sit atop a round of polenta for the full Italian experience.

8. Vegan Moussaka Burger with Béchamel Cheese Sauce


Moussaka is a classic Greek dish made with meat or mushrooms, eggplant or potatoes and Béchamel sauce. This Moussaka Burger is made with eggplant and mashed potatoes and is topped with a rich and decadent vegan Béchamel sauce.


9. Mayim Bialik’s Big Bang Vegan Chickpea Burger Patty


We’re off to the Middle East where Mayim Bialik’s Big Bang Vegan Chickpea Burger Patty awaits us. Chickpeas, shallots, tahini and spices come together to make a deliciously crispy veggie burger. Serve them in pitas with homemade vegan yogurt sauce that’s spiced with curry and cayenne for a big bang of flavor.

10. Moroccan Spiced Lentil Butternut Squash Burgers

moroccanburgers (1)

Our last stop is exotic Morocco for these Moroccan Spiced Lentil Butternut Squash Burgers. Lentils and butternut squash are flavored with the aromatic spices of cumin and cinnamon to create burgers that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Play it again, Sam.


Whew! What an exciting and filling trip! It just shows that burgers are a blank canvas waiting to be painted with all the beautiful colors, spices and flavors of the world. Happy International Burger Day!

Lead Image Photo: Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers