Amy’s, known for their veggie burgers, soups, and other prepared vegetarian products, have gotten the go-ahead to build a vegetarian drive-thru restaurant in Corte Madera, California.

The company’s planned drive-thru will be its second location, and serve veggie burgers, burritos, and other vegan and vegetarian fare, reports KTVU. Amy’s also serves gluten-free and GMO-free options.


The company got approval for the restaurant during a town planner meeting on Tuesday, where residents and staff presented their case for why the drive-thru should be allowed to open.

“It’s really hard to find good vegetarian food around here, especially going out, and that’s because lots of places don’t have any vegetarian entrees on the menu,” said Katie Shell, a 13-year-old resident.

“It’s the only restaurant where I can actually eat at without having to worry about getting sick,” added Illeana Brown, who said she travels from Mill Valley where she lives all the way to Sonoma County so she can eat veg-friendly food at Amy’s.

The new restaurant will reportedly replace an old Denny’s restaurant.


The menu at Amy’s Drive-Thru features a ton of vegan options with an organic vegan burger, vegan mac n’ cheeze, vegan cheeze pizza, organic burritos, and a variety of hot and cold drinks.

The company plans to open the new Amy’s Drive-Thru restaurant next year.

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