UK’s first plant-based kitchen has begun serving students at Our Lady of Sion School in Sussex. Hot plant-based meals were introduced by ‘Plant Based School Kitchens’ with the goal of offering a diet that has numerous benefits for physical and mental health.

Plant-Based School Kitchens is run by Gary and Anna Hardley who already own a vegan restaurant in town. They have introduced incredible vegan dishes to the school, including Shepherd’s Pie with lentils instead of lamb, tofu tacos, and meat-free meatballs made with black beans and quinoa.

The pair offers a diverse weekly menu and shows students that plant-based doesn’t have to be boring. Students still have the option to eat meat in their packed lunches, and the school remains adamant that they are not anti-meat. However, children eating nutritious plant-based meals are giving raving reviews. One student said, “I can’t tell the difference between vegan or meat anymore.”

Vegan diets are becoming incredibly popular, and supermarkets are filled with plant-based products, making it easier to reduce meat intake. Plant Based School Kitchens eventually wants to introduce their meat-free meals into schools across the country and show more people how amazing this diet can be.

Anna Harley told ITV news,

“I think they should try it. If you’re a foodie person, try something at first before you say you don’t like it, even if you have to close your eyes, it’s not as bad as you might think. It’s a very big deal, it’s massive for us but it’s also massive for us to be able to give a child, who might not get that nutrition to get that in school. They’re getting a really fresh, recipe, fresh food, cooked daily, and they’re getting all the nutrition that they basically need.”

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