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one green planet

Consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful of how the food they eat and beverages they drink influence not only their health but their environment. According to Innova Market Insights, half of last year’s global beverages and food sales included a better-for-you claim.

At an annual meeting and food expo in Chicago for the Institute of Food Technologists’, or IFT18, eight food trends were highlighted.

1. The rise of the Mindful Consumer

The “mindful” consumer is a consumer who chooses products that are good for their body, the environment, and the world. This is playing a key role in product development and was the first trend revealed at the food expo.

2. Light Enjoyment

Session beers lightly salted snacks, and products marketed as “thin” are growing as consumers wish to indulge while also caring for their bodies.

3. Positively Processed

Another trend is the growing demand for products with fewer ingredients. Consumers wish to avoid overly processed food and enjoy foods and beverages marketed as “sprouted,” or “raw.”

4. Going Full Circle 

Awareness of food waste has sparked the desire to purchase products with sustainable packaging, or more sustainable foods like plant-based alternatives.

5. Beyond the Coffeehouse

Foods featuring the flavors of espresso or latte are growing in popularity.

6. Color!

Vibrant foods and beverages are becoming super trendy because many bright shades are linked to health benefits.

7. Gourmet Foods

Consumers want convenient meals that they can prepare at home with restaurant-quality ingredients. Meal kits marketed as “fresh,” or products deemed “gourmet,” are becoming more and more popular.

8. Snacks & Mini Meals

As an effort to fill the role of consuming small meals throughout the course of a day, single sized portions are on the rise! This is especially convenient for busy consumers who do not have proper time to sit down for a meal.

Want to create your own trendy dishes?

Why not try some of these recipes from our Food Monster App that are health conscious, sustainable, vibrantly colored, and coffee-infused?

Coffee Cake Doughnuts

Coffee flavored goods are all the rage these days, so why not delight over these Coffee Cake Doughnuts? They are topped with a cinnamon streusel and are absolutely divine.

Vietnamese Creamy Purple Yam Soup

This soup is beautifully vibrant, exceptionally healthy, and exceedingly delicious! You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this Vietnamese Creamy Purple Yam Soup.

Gourmet Cheese

This gourmet cheese is made with high-quality ingredients, is 100% raw, and is positively creamy!

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Lead Image Source: Derrick Brutel/Flickr