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Ahh, the Internet. When used the right way, it can be both a tool for good and a treasure trove of knowledge – knowledge that you need only seek. Lucky for us, the Internet is full of hungry minds seeking answers to life’s pressing questions. Not too long ago, one Redditor posted a question to the Ask Reddit community: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received for making a sandwich better?

Turns out, the community had a lot to say. So, we scrolled through the answers to bring you the five best tips:

1. Add Herbs and SpicesGreen Goddess Grilled

Bored of the same old sandwich? ScribbleWitty suggests something we’ve never thought of: adding “herbs and spices.” They continued, “oregano, garlic, salt, thyme, or a fresh sprig of dill can make a sandwich better.” For sammy ideas, read Forget Cold Cuts – 15 Veggie Sandwiches That are Warm and DeliciousExcrubulent chimes in, “If you’re making grilled cheese sandwiches, put the spices on the outside to roast them.” Try adding some spices to the outside of this Green Goddess Griller by Jennifer Rose Rossano, an epic combination of avocado, spinach, dairy-free pesto,  and vegan cheese.

2. Smash That Avocado10 Super Sandwich Spreads

Is there any sandwich that isn’t made better with the addition of avocado? Hey_Neat suggests “When making a sandwich with avocado, don’t cut the fruit into slices and place it on the sandwich. Mash up the green stuff and treat it like a spread. Bonus points when you add a shake of salt and pepper.” Sounds amazing to us! Try smashing the avocado in this Hummus, Avocado, and Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich by Linda Wagner or this Avocado Pumpkin Panini With Caramelized Onions by Amy Height. It’ll change your world.

3. Use Vegan Mayo or Butter to Prevent Soggy BreadRoasted Balsamic Veggie Rolls 1

There’s nothing that kills our sandwich mood more than soggy bread. Luckily, mojave_moon has the perfect tip: “Remembering that mayo or another fat like butter or a dressing is a membrane, a barrier to liquids. So if a sandwich has mustard or wet ingredients like tomato or lettuce, the fat barrier keeps the bread from getting wet.” If you’re making this Roasted Balsamic Veggie Roll by Sirke Reivo, add a spread of Molly Patrick’s egg-free Homemade Mayo or The Rose and Bean’s Homemade Butter made from cashews before adding mustard.

4. Match the Bread to the FillingSmashed White Bean Avocado and Basil Sandwich

Have you ever had the misfortune of biting into a chickpea salad sandwich, only to have the filling squish out through the other side? Rather than chalk that sad event as just one of the cruel ways the universe works, it might just be the bread you used. According to Imadethisuponthespot, “Hard bread for hard fillings, and soft bread for soft fillings. Hard bread will squish out a soft filling as you bite it. And soft bread will just mush in your mouth as you bite through thicker and harder fillings.” So if you make this Smashed White Bean, Avocado, and Basil Sandwich by Liz Martone, be sure to pick soft sandwich bread. If you want to take a crack at this Portobello Banh Mi by Shanna Laychuck, go for baguette.

5. Toast It or Grill ItTurmeric Chickpea Sandwich

Redditor aglassofsherry offered this simple, but brilliant advice: “Toast it or grill it after assembling and before eating.” Oh, do we ever agree. Is there any sandwich that isn’t instantly made better when served between two slices of toasted bread? Here’s another pro-tip: use your toaster’s “bagel” setting so that only one side gets toasted (or use your skillet!). That way, the outside of the bread stays crisp while the inside is soft. Try it out with this Turmeric Chickpea Sandwich by Karissa Besaw.

For more ways to make sandwiches even more awesome than they already are, read  10 Dairy-Free Spread Ideas to Transform Your Next Sandwich and then check out our vegan sandwich recipes page.

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