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Ah, instant ramen. A staple food for many of us throughout our teenage and college years — and with good reason. For one, it cooks into delicious, noodly goodness in a matter of minutes. Plus, ramen is cheap, which is a blessing to many college students and budget-minded individuals.

Unfortunately, as much as we love instant ramen noodles, they aren’t the healthiest choice we can make. Flavor packets from instant ramen are loaded with sodium, MSG, and preservatives. When it comes to nutrition, instant ramen provides little to none. Still, this easy meal has its upsides; mainly, that it’s filling – and we love noodles. For some ideas on how to make ramen healthier, read Way Beyond Instant Noodles: How To Make Ramen Healthy and Fulfilling and try making your own noodles! It turns out, it’s super easy. Just check out the recipe below!

All it takes to make this homemade ramen is three ingredients: water, flour, and baking soda.Homemade Ramen Noodles

These Homemade Ramen Noodles by Rosalie Livingstone are the perfect replacement for the instant kind, which are honestly poor representations of how delicious ramen noodles can be! These homemade ones are given their chewy flavor from baking soda, a replacement for the alkaline salt that is often used at ramen-centric eateries. Once you’ve made the baking soda, which takes up the bulk of the cooking time, making these noodles is fast and easy. Use these with your favorite broth, and you’ll never crave the instant version again!

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Lead image source: Homemade Ramen Noodles