British audience members are making some positive changes this festival season to keep energy levels high and feel and experience more. Seven in ten festival goers will be participating in a digital detox by staying away from social media so that they can fully be present during the performance. In addition, 32% of Brits will be partaking in healthier food options like smoothies, salads, fresh fruit, and quinoa instead of foods like hot dogs and burgers so that they can feel more rejuvenated and fresh for the concert. One-fifth of fixtures on these menus will also feature vegan options.

Research conducted by Barclaycard’s Summer of Goosebumps Study revealed that British concert dwellers are opting for three major changes this season. They wish to be more mindful of their music experience, eat healthily, and put down their cell phones. In the study, 62% of Brits felt that being involved with social media during a concert takes away from enjoying the complete experience. It seems like a lot of people will be putting down their phones this summer to appreciate the music and make new friends.


Another huge change that will be taking place at festivals will be a new approach to eating and drinking. Not only are Brits considering eating the right foods to increase their energy levels while ditching the heavily processed foods, they also wish to drink less alcohol at summer events and switch to hydrating beverages instead. In fact, 33% of Brits said they would like to consume way less alcohol than they normally would at these festivals.

Daniel Mathieson, head of sponsorship at Barclaycard, says that festival trends are changing. Consumers now want different things from live entertainment than they did in the past. Research is showing that consumers are hoping for more interactive and mindful experiences such as yoga and meditation as opposed to traditional mosh-pit scenarios.

They want to feel a sense of freedom, make new memories and form new relationships, discover new artists, and get goosebumps during a performance, all while staying hydrating, taking part in a digital detox, and eating healthy, energy-boosting foods.

Want to experience a rejuvenating festival experience?

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Kale Honeydew Melon Smoothie

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Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

These quinoa cookies are the perfect snack to take to a festival. They are satisfyingly sweet without causing your blood sugar levels to spike and then crash. Plus, quinoa has a healthy dose of protein!


Grilled Peach and Arugula Salad with Grilled Croutons

This peach and arugula is the perfect lunch to have before setting out for a long outdoor summer event.

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Lead Image Source: Sid/Flickr