Sweet potatoes are that incredible root veggie that add just the right amount of sweetness to your savory dishes! They also give your meals that gorgeous, vibrant color thanks to their beta-carotene content which also make it a powerhouse, healthy food. Although sweet potatoes shine in all kinds of dishes from breakfast to dessert, we especially enjoy them in entrées. That’s why we put together these 15 delicious sweet potato entrée recipes from our Food Monster App, and we made sure to include plenty of curries because sweet potato can only make curry better!

1. Sweet Potato Kale Curry

Source: Sweet Potato Kale Curry


Charanya Ramakrishnan‘s Sweet Potato Kale Curry is extremely simple and delicious. Hearty chunks of sweet potato swim in a tomato and onion curry spiked with turmeric, ground chili, and coriander. This filling dish also includes a bit of coconut milk to balance out all the zest. Serve in a bowl over a bed of basmati rice.

2. Sweet Potato and Chickpea Coconut Curry

Source: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Coconut Curry

Dana Sandonato‘s Sweet Potato and Chickpea Coconut Curry is crunchy, creamy and delicious. The dish combines an excellent blend of spices and fresh ingredients to bring together a curry that is savory and well balanced. The cashews are a perfect crunchy counterpart to the tender sweet potatoes.

3. Sweet Potato Katsu Curry

Source: Sweet Potato Katsu Curry


Jenny Marie used sweet potato to recreate this classic comforting Sweet Potato Katsu Curry, and you can add whatever you plant-based option you like! Tempeh or seitan are also great choices. Either way the result is tender, savory, and delicious.

4. A Touch of the Tropics Rice Bowl 

Source: A Touch of the Tropics Rice Bowl

There has to be a rice bowl in your repertoire. It’s such a good way to enjoy so many different kinds of fruits and veggies. This Touch of the Tropics Rice Bowl from the High Protein Vegan cookbook showcases the wonderful flavors of the tropics!

5. Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Red Lentil Stew 

Source: Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Red Lentil Stew


This Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Red Lentil Stew isn’t your typical lentil stew — the addition of sweet potato and quinoa not only boosts this recipe’s nutritional profile, but they also adds a textural counterpoint to the soft red lentils. This recipe by Kelly Williams is versatile, too. Yellow potatoes or carrots could easily stand in for the sweet potatoes and, if you prefer a creamier soup, a splash of coconut milk will do the trick. Just don’t leave out the lemon juice!

6. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Source: Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Have you tried gnocchi before? They’re little potato dumplings, ‘gnocchi’ means ‘lumps’ in Italian. How cute is that!? Harriet Porterfield‘s Sweet Potato Gnocchi are covered in a sage butter sauce and sprinkled with a nutty hazelnut parmesan. Flavorful, hearty and wholesome, what more could you want? This dish is incredibly delicious and ticks ALL the comfort food boxes!

7. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garbanzos and Garlic Sauce 

Source: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garbanzos and Garlic Sauce

There is such a burst of flavors in Jamie Bevia‘s Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe, that even the pickiest eater will love it. Make your sauce as garlicky and non-garlicky as you want, because when it comes down to it…any sauce is great sauce!! Also, make sure you eat the skin…that is where the majority of the vitamins are, so scrub em’ well before hand.

8. Sweet Potato Veggie Plate 

Source: Sweet Potato Veggie Plate


This Sweet Potato Veggie Plate by Kristina Humphreys is super delicious and satisfying while being full of essential nutrients. All the colors and textures satisfy your mind and leave you fully satisfied. Fill your plate with nutrient-dense plants and you will feel energized from this flavorful goodness.

9. Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells With Cashew Alfredo 

Source: Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells With Cashew Alfredo

Amanda Nicole Smith‘s Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells With Cashew Alfredo are a crowd-pleaser! Tender sweet potato mash is stuffed inside of a brown rice pasta shell, smothered in pasta, and topped with a dollop of creamy cashew Alfredo sauce. Topped with herbs, this dish is elegant, satisfying, and surprisingly easy to make.

10. Wellness Nourish Bowl

Source: Wellness Nourish Bowl

This Wellness Nourish Bowl by Taryn Fitz-Gerald is a delicious plant based bowl full of nourishing whole food ingredients. Loaded with flavor and nutritional goodness. Perfect for lunches, picnics or weeknight dinner. A wholesome nutritionally balanced meal.

11. Sweet Potato Spaghetti With Olive Toasted Oats 

Source: Sweet Potato Spaghetti With Olive Toasted Oats

To make Annie McGee‘s Sweet Potato Spaghetti With Olive Toasted Oats, you need warm olives with some oregano, lemon zest, and Italian seasoning blend. Can you smell it from here? Then you mix up the pasta with some dark green veggies — just your standard broccoli and spinach, nothing fancy. Pour on a big spoonful of your favorite tomato sauce, or maybe just some crushed tomatoes. Sprinkle the oats over top, along with a happy generous drizzle of good olive oil. Dive in and slurp up those noodles.

12. Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli With Cheesy Sauce 

Source: Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli With Cheesy Sauce

Simple food doesn’t have to be boring and this Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli With Cheesy Sauce recipe by the Plant Tribe is proof. Tender sweet potatoes are stuffed with oven-roasted broccoli and then topped with a creamy “cheese” sauce that you won’t believe is dairy-free.

13. Roast Root Vegetable Stack With Dukkah 

Source: Roast Root Vegetable Stack With Dukkah

Cassandra Star‘s delicious Roast Root Vegetable Stacks are quick, easy, and irresistibly tasty. The layers of tender sweet potatoes, potatoes, and onions are interspersed with a liberal amount of dukkha and garlic that perfectly compliment the sweetness brought out by roasting your root vegetables. These make a great side dish or can stand on their own as the main course.

14. Grilled Avocado, Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato Power Bowl With Tahini Dressing 

Source: Grilled Avocado, Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato Power Bowl With Tahini Dressing

Power up with the wholesome, from-the-earth nutritious goodness found in this addictive bowl of crispy-smoked veggies, crispy chips, creamy avocado, and an herby, tangy tahini dressing. This Power Bowl by Taylor Kiser makes for the perfect healthy, gluten-free, and vegan summer meal! Break out your vegetables and start grilling.

15. Sweet Potato and Tomato Red Lentil Dal 

Source: Sweet Potato and Tomato Red Lentil Dal

Tender sweet potatoes, tangy tomatoes, rich red lentils, and creamy coconut milk… Ella Suihko‘s Sweet Potato and Tomato Red Lentil Dal is lush with flavor. Served over a bed of brown rice, it’s not only flavorful, but hearty and filling. Indian soul food deliciousness!

We hope you enjoy these delicious recipes and are inspired to cook more with sweet potatoes! For more, download our Food Monster App where we have over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes!