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Vanilla cake is one of the most popular cakes for a reason. The creamy vanilla flavor never gets old and it goes well with so many other ingredients. Fruits are one of those ingredients that shine in vanilla cakes, as you will notice from the list below, but plain old vanilla cake is amazing as well. Get ready to save some room for dessert!

1. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

Source: Vanilla Cake

You have to try this Vanilla Cake by Lena Novak. It’s truly heaven in cake form!

2. Whole Wheat Vanilla Cake

Whole Wheat Vanilla Cake

Source: Whole Wheat Vanilla Cake

This Whole Wheat Vanilla Cake by Namrata Edward Kshitij is a basic recipe for a whole-wheat vegan vanilla cake. You can add roasted nuts and soaked raisins to the batter before baking for a more festive treat. If you love coffee, add 2-3 heaped teaspoons of instant coffee powder to the batter for a delicate flavor.

3. Easy Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Jam

Easy Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Jam

Source: Easy Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Jam

This Easy Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Jam by Louise and Nico is filled with delicious homemade strawberry jam and topped with a layer of vegan whipped cream. It’s the perfect treat for a summer picnic with your friends and family. They’ll love it! Who doesn’t love strawberry and vanilla flavors together? This cake is beautiful, it’s yummy, and it’s a winner!

4. 5-Ingredient Flourless Vanilla Cake

5-Ingredient Flourless Vanilla Cake

Source: 5-Ingredient Flourless Vanilla Cake

This 5-Ingredient Flourless Vanilla Cake by Sara Grandominico is a recipe you’ll want to save for any special cake-worthy occasion. This recipe uses banana flour and it works SO well. Decorate and top it any way you like, this sweet, soft, simple cake will surprise you in the best way. This cake is gorgeously simple and the vanilla flavor shines. One of the best things about this cake is how versatile it is when it comes to topping options! Think fresh fruit, coconut whipped cream, and chocolate fudge frosting?!

5. No-Bake Blueberry Vanilla Cake

No-Bake Blueberry Vanilla Cake

Source: No-Bake Blueberry Vanilla Cake

Deliciously creamy cashew filling studded with blueberries is set on an almond crust in this No-Bake Blueberry Vanilla Cake by Jana Kastner. Sweetened with dates and vanilla, this no-bake dessert is fruity without being overly sweet. After you make and enjoy this blueberry dessert, try the base out with your other favorite berries!

6. Chocolate and Vanilla Custard Cakes

Chocolate and Vanilla Custard Cakes

Source: Chocolate and Vanilla Custard Cakes

You have got to try this much healthier and vegan version of the traditional custard! These cute little two-layered Chocolate and Vanilla Custard Cakes by Kirsten Kaminski are topped with delicious coconut whipped cream. If you like custard, you’ll love these!

7. Wholegrain Vanilla Fig Cake

Wholegrain Vanilla Fig Cake

Source: Wholegrain Vanilla Fig Cake

Vanilla Fig Cake is an incredibly delicious cake with loads of fig bits in every bite. The crust comes out to be a beautiful brown and the crumb is super soft. It’s pretty simple to make and doesn’t have that many ingredients. It’s also pretty healthy! Serve this delicious Wholegrain Vanilla Fig Cake by Namita Tiwari with tea and coffee or snack on it during your midday slump––it’s fantastic!

8. Triple Layer Vanilla Velvet Cake

Triple Layer Vanilla Velvet Cake

Source: Triple Layer Vanilla Velvet Cake

While this Triple Layer Vanilla Velvet Cake by Tori Cooper is a great treat to prepare for Valentines’s Day, it’s also a perfect cake for all occasions from birthdays to anniversaries.

9. 2-Minute Fluffy Vanilla Mug Cake

Vegan 2-Minute Fluffy Vanilla Mug Cake

Source: 2-Minute Fluffy Vanilla Mug Cake

This 2-Minute Fluffy Vanilla Mug Cake by Hayley Canning tastes just like a fluffy, vanilla cupcake and you’ll probably have to stop yourself from making more than one mug! The ingredients are super nourishing and clean – buckwheat flour, baking powder, coconut sugar, vanilla extract, coconut oil, almond milk, and salt. This is perfect for when you want something sweet without the hassle of making a big batch of something!

10. Vanilla Marble Cake

Vanilla Marble Cake

Source: Vanilla Marble Cake

This Vanilla Marble Cake by Kristen Genton is not only delicious, but it makes a wonderfully stylish dessert at the center of the table!

11. Mini Pear Vanilla Layer Cake

Mini Pear Vanilla Layer Cake

Source: Mini Pear Vanilla Layer Cake

Looking for something to make for your next big occasion? This Mini Pear Vanilla Layer Cake by Kimberly Espinel is perfect. It’s made from delicate vanilla sponge cake sweetened with notes of pear and covered in a rich cream cheese frosting. This cake is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion — especially when you dress it up with flowers!

12. Raw Vanilla Raspberry Peppermint Cream Cake

Raw Vanilla Raspberry Peppermint Cream Cake

Source: Raw Vanilla Raspberry Peppermint Cream Cake

We’ve got a basic raw crust on the bottom (dates and hemp seeds), followed by three gorgeous cashew and orange cream layers. One is subtly sweet and includes vanilla, one is a bit tart and flavored with raspberries, and one is mega refreshing and packed with peppermint leaves. It’s all topped off with dark chocolate (cacao) truffles and drizzle. This Raw Vanilla Raspberry Peppermint Cream Cake by Emily von Euw is spectacular!

13. Vanilla Caramel Swirl Cheesecake

Vanilla Caramel Swirl Cheesecake

Source: Vanilla Caramel Swirl Cheesecake

This rich Vanilla Caramel Swirl Cheesecake by Maya Sozer is deceptively easy. No cooking is involved, only mixing and pouring things, and that final satisfying step of swirling the caramel into a vanilla filling. With no refined sugars and a wholesome set of ingredients, you can feel good about serving this to loved ones. Oh yeah, and it only takes 30 minutes to make.

14. Vanilla Berry Cake

Stunningly decorated berry and vanilla cake

Source: Vanilla Berry Cake

The combination of vanilla and berry is simply spectacular, you will not be able to get enough. You will not regret making this Vanilla Berry Cake by Pamela Higgins!

15. Vanilla Lime Cheesecake

Vanilla Lime “Cashew-Free” Cheesecake

Source: Vanilla Lime Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most decadent inventions in the history of humans but it can be hard to find an edible one for a plant-based eater with a nut allergy … until now. This delectable Vanilla Lime Cheesecake by Tiana Haines has a light buckwheat crust that is topped with a velvety, vanilla tofu cheesecake that is garnished with fresh blueberries and lime zest to tie the whole dish together.

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