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If you’re all about gluten-free recipes and you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further! These are 15 gluten-free recipes of the year! These recipes are not only delicious but are the ones that our viewers have come back to over and over.

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1. Chickpea Shakshouka with Avocados and Fresh Herbs

Vegan Chickpea Shakshouka with Avocados and Fresh Herbs

Source: Chickpea Shakshouka with Avocados and Fresh Herbs

Shakshouka is a dish that has roots both in the Middle East and North Africa, and it is a fun dish to veganize. The traditional preparation calls for eggs to be poached over tomato broth spiced up with coriander, paprika, and other flavors. But who needs the eggs? Not us! Instead, in this Chickpea Shakshouka with Avocados and Fresh Herbs by Wait, That’s Vegan?! by Lisa Dawn Angerame, chickpeas are added right into the sauce, along with extra vegetables, Aleppo pepper and a hit of nutmeg for a flavorful, hearty, protein-packed situation. You don’t have to wait for breakfast to eat it, either. It is a great busy weeknight meal; serve it right out of the skillet with a side of crusty bread to sop up all that delicious sauce.

Reprinted with permission from Wait, That’s Vegan by Lisa Dawn Angerame, Page Street Publishing Co. 2020. Photo credit: Alex Shytsman

2. Amiri Khaman: North Indian Chickpea Squares

Vegan Amiri Khaman: North Indian Chickpea Squares

Source: Amiri Khaman: North Indian Chickpea Squares

This North Indian snack hails from the western state of Gujarat. It’s made from chana dal, also called split chickpeas, flavored with garlic, ginger, and other spices, delicious, nutritious, and easy to make — no baking necessary. These Amiri Khaman: North Indian Chickpea Squares by Pavani Nandula are protein-packed, melt-in-your-mouth squares that are excellent to serve as an appetizer with ketchup or sweet tamarind chutney.

3. Refried Black Beans

Vegan Refried Black Beans

Source: Refried Black Beans

You can make your own vegan “refried” beans right on your stovetop in a matter of minutes. This Refried Black Beans by Wholesome LLC is a great option for adding to burritos or tacos, dipping tortilla chips, or simply adding rice for a delicious, yet simple, rice and bean dish. The options are endless!

4. Khichari

Vegan Khichari

Source: Khichari

Khichari is a delicious and very digestible Indian one-pot meal that mainly consists of rice, vegetables, and lentils. This Khichari by Heidrun Kubart is easy to prepare and also very healthy.

5. Tortilla Soup with Jackfruit

Vegan Tortilla Soup with Jackfruit

Source: Tortilla Soup with Jackfruit

Making a batch of this is a perfect excuse to stay in and save some money. You can make it as spicy as you want. After all, it’s your kitchen. This Tortilla Soup with Jackfruit by Kathy Hester is easy to make with pantry ingredients. If you don’t have a poblano, you can use green chilies. You could also substitute reconstituted soy curls, crumbled tempeh, tofu cubes, or chickpeas for the jackfruit if you prefer.

Reprinted with permission from Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking in Your Instant Pot by Kathy Hester, Page Street Publishing Co. 2020. Photo credit: Kathy Hester

6. Ful (Fava Bean Dip)

Vegan Ful (Fava Bean Dip)

Source: Ful (Fava Bean Dip)

Ful is a staple dish in many regions in the Middle East. Each country has its take on this beloved vegan bean dip. In Palestine, we serve ful with lots of fresh garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. You will find the olive oil dripping down your hands as you dip into ful. If you ask my dad, it is the only way to enjoy it. My favorite part of this Ful (Fava Bean Dip) by Heifa Odeh is the da’ah, which is a jalapeño salsa topping that truly takes this recipe to another level of deliciousness.

Credit: Reprinted with permission from Dine in Palestine by Heifa Odeh. Page Street Publishing Co. 2022. Photo credit: Doaa Elkady.

7. Chocolaty Yogurt Parfait

Vegan Chocolaty Yogurt Parfait

Source: Chocolaty Yogurt Parfait

This healthy Chocolaty Yogurt Parfait by Nele Liivlaid is a great afternoon pick-me-up snack that takes only one bowl and less than 5 minutes to make! Besides its simplicity, you’ll enjoy the perfect creaminess, and the fresh flavor will lift you!

8. 10-Minute Guacamole Dip

Vegan 10-Minute Guacamole Dip

Source: 10-Minute Guacamole Dip

This easy 10-Minute Guacamole Dip by Sarah Bond recipe has a secret — there’s hidden spinach! Think the fresh homemade guacamole you know and love, but with the addition of healthy, vitamin-packed, vibrant green spinach for an ultra-flavorful combination! Best of all, it’s ready in just 10 minutes.

9. Easy Marinated Vegetable Kabobs

Vegan Easy Marinated Vegetable Kabobs

Source: Easy Marinated Vegetable Kabobs

An easy summer side dish and an easy way to amp up the veggies on your plate! These Easy Marinated Vegetable Kabobs by Barbara Zackey make the perfect wingman for your next bbq or weeknight dinner. Bright, colorful vegetables straight from the garden, farmer’s market, or produce stand marinated in a citrus-herby lightly flavored sauce that screams summer. These veggies are perfectly paired with your favorite plant-based protein slathered in bbq sauce or mixed in with your favorite grain, like pasta.

10. Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto

Vegan Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto

Source: Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto

This Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto by Zuzana Fajkusova and Nikki Lefler incorporates protein-rich wild rice and buckwheat, together with seasonal root vegetables and squash. It requires several different steps to put together but the result will be a delicious, and satisfying meal in a bowl that will nourish your body and soul!

11. Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sesame Soba

Vegan Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sesame Soba

Source: Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sesame Soba

In this Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sesame Soba by Stephanie McKinnie, soba noodles are served in a savory homemade mushroom broth that’s infused with a roasted red bell pepper sauce and then topped with an assortment of vegetables and fresh herbs. This noodle dish is big on flavor— it’s a little spicy, a little savory, with a bit of umami. Serve this soup hot on a cold winter’s day to help fight the cold.

12. Plátanos Fritos

Vegan Plátanos Fritos

Source: Plátanos Fritos

This plátanos Fritos recipe highlights sweet, creamy, and perfectly ripe plantains. Try these Plátanos Fritos by Mitch and Justine Chapman served with vegan crema, strawberry jam, and cinnamon for an ultra-rich, caramelized treat you can enjoy morning, noon, or night!

13. 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters

Vegan 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters

Source: 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters

If you’re craving an easy, chocolatey snack that’s better for your body than the usual store-bought chocolates, then these 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters by Michele Elizabeth are a must-make. Crunchy, sweet, and salty, they hit three cravings in one bite-sized treat — plus, they have chocolate. It’s so easy to make them in big batches that you can always have a batch stored in your refrigerator.

14. Chickpea Flour Muffins

Vegan Chickpea Flour Muffins

Source: Chickpea Flour Muffins

These Chickpea Flour Muffins by Maria Koutsogiannis are a perfect snack or breakfast when you’re running out the door. These savory Chickpea Flour Muffins are high in protein, vegan & gluten-free! One of my favorite chickpea flour recipes.

15. Spanish Omelette

Vegan Spanish Omelette

Source: Spanish Omelette

This Spanish Omelette by Aaron Calder is great to make for breakfast!

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