These summery vegan recipes are simple and delicious! All of these recipes keep the ingredient count under 10, so you know they’re going to be affordable, easy, and simple! Don’t forget to check out our Quick & Easy Recipe Archives!

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1. Guava and Cheese Mini Tarts

Guava and Cheese Mini Tarts

Source: Guava and Cheese Mini Tarts

2. Crazy Colors Ice Cream Cake

Crazy Colors Ice Cream Cake

Source: Crazy Colors Ice Cream Cake

This Crazy Colors Ice Cream Cake by Nikki Stokes is perfect for your next rainbow-themed celebration or for whenever you want to make a fun dessert! It’s a vanilla coconut milk ice cream with natural food coloring mixed into different batches. So fun and so tasty! This vegan ice cream cake is such a crowd-pleaser!


3. Roasted Brussels sprouts with Garlic Pecans

Roasted Brussels sprouts with Garlic Pecans

Source: Roasted Brussels sprouts with Garlic Pecans

These Roasted Brussels sprouts with Garlic Pecans by Caroline Doucet are the most addictive side dish. Brussel sprouts are one of the most underrated vegetables. Steamed they’re okay, but roasted? You could eat the whole pan. These brussels sprouts aren’t only roasted, but they’re also topped with toasted salty and garlicky pecans. Those pecans are what takes these brussels sprouts to the next level.

4. No-Bake Chocolate Date Truffles


Source: No-Bake Chocolate Date Truffles

This No-Bake Chocolate Date Truffles recipe by Wholesome LLC is for you if you love dates, haven’t had dates but are looking for a great recipe to try them in. They’re great for eliminating or reducing your refined sugar intake, and a good choice if you want a healthier dessert option for you and the family.


5. Easy Weekend Morning Pancakes

Easy Weekend Morning Pancakes

Source: Easy Weekend Morning Pancakes

These Easy Weekend Morning Pancakes by Wholesome LLC are just good ol’ fashioned pancakes without the cruelty. Fluffy, delicious, and perfect for the weekend!

6. Fluffy Cornmeal Drop Biscuits

Fluffy Cornmeal Drop Biscuits

Source: Fluffy Cornmeal Drop Biscuits

The best thing about these Fluffy Cornmeal Drop Biscuits by Megan Calipari is that they are done from start to in your mouth in 30 minutes. Plus, there is basically no cleanup. Just a bowl. These Fluffy Cornmeal Drop Biscuits are no exception to either of these rules. The addition of cornmeal in these biscuits makes them incredibly flavorful. The sweet corn flavor comes through really well. And the texture of the cornmeal gives is an ever-so-light crunch that is delightful.

7. Kid-Friendly Cauliflower Hash Browns

Kid-Friendly Cauliflower Hash Browns

Source: Kid-Friendly Cauliflower Hash Browns

Sometimes getting kids to eat veggies can be a bit difficult, but it’s important to make sure they get all of the nutrients that they need. That’s why these vegan Kid-Friendly Cauliflower Hash Browns by Katia Martin are amazing. They’re a kid-favorite and disguise the cauliflower so well! This recipe for cauliflower hashbrowns might even be your child’s new favorite breakfast!


8. Healthy Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin cookies

Source: Healthy Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These Healthy Chewy Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies by Angelina Papanikolau are the best ever! They’re incredibly soft, chewy, and perfectly spiced with a hint of cinnamon. No one will ever guess that they are healthy. Or, that they’re gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free. Yup, they’re just THAT good! These cookies couldn’t be any easier to make! All you need in 1 bowl and 10 minutes before you have a baking sheet full of healthy and delicious cookies ready for the oven.

9. Watermelon & Jicama Salad

Watermelon & Jicama Salad

Source: Watermelon & Jicama Salad

Jicama is usually referred to as a Mexican potato. It has that thick starchy texture but it is great in its raw form. This Watermelon & Jicama Salad by Ashley Smyczek is refreshing and perfect for summer. The crunch of the jicama is really nice against the watermelon and the dill and scallions make everything brighter.

10. Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

Source: Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

This Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Crumble by Hayley Canning is a gluten-free and vegan breakfast that’s healthy and delicious. Really easy to make with only 7 ingredients needed.  It’s hearty, filling and so satisfying. This doesn’t compromise on taste or texture, it tastes just like the real deal. Perfect severed warm, a great way to get in fruit at breakfast time.

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home!

Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammationheart healthmental wellbeingfitness goalsnutritional needsallergiesgut health, and more! Dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acnehormonal imbalancecancerprostate cancer and has many side effects.

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