10 Amazing Vegan Recipes Infused with Superfoods

These days, people seem to randomly pick any edible natural substance and label it a “superfood” just to make it sound more marketable. The reality is most of these so called “super” foods hardly have any “super” qualities, and will not provide you with any additional “super” health benefits or powers!

This doesn’t mean that the term “Superfoods” should be broadly dismissed as nothing but an overused buzz word, with little or no meaning. In fact, the word superfood has a very specific meaning and refers to a food that is extremely high in antioxidants. When measured by weight, the more disease-fighting, wrinkle-preventing antioxidants packed into one food – the more “super” it is.

In today’s toxic world, superfoods can play a key role in maintaining good health and vitality. You can read more about superfoods and why antioxidants are so important for your health here.

To find out some of the amazing ways in which you can include superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds, carob, cacao, hemp, mesquite and cinnamon in your diet, check out the following recipes.

1. Seeds and Goji Berry Granola

Seeds and Goji Berry Granola