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  •  TONE & CONTENT: Include information about the larger issue being covered in a tone that is tone light, fun and even humorous whenever possible. Discuss in the intro paragraph what’s wrong with the current way things are and why consumers need to change their buying habits and then include better product recommendations for them. Always try to recommend at least 10+ products/picks unless it’s very tough to find, but never go below 5.
  • PRODUCT PICKS: List the product recommendations and images one below the other in a list style and write a brief description for each product and include any specific advantages/benefits/features.  Find the best images available on the internet for the product images and don’t restrict yourself to Amazon.
  • IMAGES: The lead image for the post should be sized at 800Wx550H and #1. should include a single high res image (not collage) that represents the overall topic #2. should not include any brand names or images of the products mentioned in the post. Example, if you are recommending various eco-friendly kitchen towels, include a photo of a generic kitchen towel roll or sheets to represent the topic. Lead image must be sourced from: Non-lead images i.e. product images should follow a consistent size whatever it may be (Bigger images are preferred, but not bigger than 600Hx400W)
  • RESTRICTIONS: All products MUST be vegan (no animal ingredients or animal testing) and eco-friendly. Organic, non-GMO, local and fair-trade etc is a BIG plus.
  • AMAZON USA: Please research ONLY US-based products/companies and use ONLY amazon (USA) for your search.
  • INTERLINKING: Always try to interlink to other relevant articles on One Green Planet when possible, especially as we may already have covered the larger issue being addressed by you. MUST include this text and link at the end of every article “If you loved these recommendations, you can browse through some more amazing product recommendations here!
  • EXAMPLE: Here is an example of a product features for your reference:



  1. Search for a product on (only U.S. site), it will yield a long search like this:
  2. Look for the ASIN# of the product in the “Product Detail” section on the page, see example here. The ASIN# is also included in the URL of the page, look as the red highlighted number in the link above in #1. 
  3. Now that you have the ASIN#, add it right after “dp” in the URL i.e and then add the following OGP ID at the end, example: 
  4. After editing the URL, this is what the final link should look like: (example from #1)
  5. Make sure product images also have the above links embedded.
  6. EXAMPLE: Here is an example of a product features for your reference: