Nik-Nak the dog was scheduled to be euthanized in a shelter, but his whole world changed when a kind woman decided to foster him. His previous caretakers dumped him because he was “too yucky,” but this woman saw him for what he really was, a beautiful soul in need of help.

After a manicure, bath, and vet visit, Nik-Nak was a brand new dog. The pair went on awesome adventures together to the beach, park, and car rides to feel the wind through his fur. Of course, they spent lots of cuddle time at home, too. All it took was a little TLC and time to heal the wounds that came from years of neglect. We have to say, this is one spectacular transformation!


It wasn’t long until this sweetie became a “foster failure” and officially joined this woman’s family. Want to help dogs like Nik-Nak? Consider fostering a furry friend!