Earlier this month, the moment Major League Baseball fans everywhere were waiting for finally came — the season kickoff. After months of keeping abuzz with who’s moving to which team or which college sports talent got recruited, it’s finally time to witness the majesty of one of America’s greatest pastimes. While you can stock up on the ingredients to make delicious vegan snacks for your game day viewing pleasure, going to the stadium is an entirely different affair if you’ve been trying to eat more plant-based foods. Everyone knows that hot dogs, chili cheese fries (and nachos), and burgers are pretty standard ballpark fare.

Luckily, in recent years we’ve seen an increase in the amount of vegan and vegetarian offerings at MLB ballparks  — and there’s even a handy site that’s updated regularly that lets you know what options are available at specific stadiums. Which is great, because that beats having to bring your own veggie dog. This year, it looks like a lot of stadiums are stepping up their vegan and vegetarian offerings. For example, the Arizona Diamondbacks just added Field Roast frankfurters and burgers to one of their concession stand menus (yum). You can also find Field Roast options at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, but what we’re most excited about is that they now offer a vegan black bean burger, courtesy of Bareburger.


Yankee Stadium will now serve Bareburger’s signature Guadalupe Burger, featuring a black bean patty served with pickled red onions, tomatoes, alfalfa, and guacamole on a sprouted bun.


According to Gothamist, Yankee Stadium has also added the Chinese-inspired Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Bao to their range of ballpark food offerings. We are seriously hoping that it’s vegan — but even if it isn’t, the prospect of munching on Field Roast Frankfurter’s and a Bareburger veggie burger are enough to tempt us to attend a Yankee game. If you don’t happen to live near Yankee Stadium (or if you’re a Red Sox Fan), then you can check out the options available at your home team’s stadium here.

This delicious news is just another indication that the way we eat is evolving at a rapid pace. More people than ever are choosing to reduce the amount of meat they eat in favor of plant-based options, which is great news for the planet and animals as well. If the stadiums that house America’s favorite pastime are getting on board with vegan food, we think that is a pretty clear indication that the future of food is here.

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Lead image source: Bareburger/Instagram