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The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) recently released a Research Misconduct Score and a Research Misconduct Index–to evaluate the Ivy League universities on their adherence to the minimal standards of the Animal Welfare Act. According to the report, all eight Ivy League universities had disturbingly high numbers of Animal Welfare Act violations, which ranged from primates being routinely forced to go more than 24 hours without water to a primate killed because a cage was sent through a mechanical cage washer with a primate still inside.

The University of Pennsylvania emerged as the worst Ivy League University with a Research Misconduct Score (RMS) of 120; Princeton and Yale tied for the second spot with 49 points each.


Administrators at Yale University dismissed the ranking and PCRM, labeling the report as “sensational” and “misleading.” Director of the Animal Resources Center James Macy described the violations as being a combination of bad luck and human error that were taken out of context by the report.

Yale representatives, however, did confirm that the high number of Animal Welfare Act violations in the PCRM report were accurate!

Image Source: Afrika Force/Flickr