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Some may be aware that America’s wild horses and burros are routinely targeted and culled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in order to expand cattle ranches, but wolves are also regularly targeted and subsequently killed by ranchers and the government with the excuse of needing to “protect” livestock.

As a petition On Care2 points out, the issue is not wolves encroaching on people’s land, but rather ranches invading the natural territory of wolves. Human-wildlife conflict is a serious issue worldwide, but there are preventative humane measures, like fencing, that can keep wolves and livestock from interacting.

The petition explains that Wyoming gave out permits for wolf hunting in 2017, which resulted in the untimely and brutal death of 44 wolves, and the state wants to allow wolf hunts again this year. The petition’s author is asking people to speak out against this barbaric practice before the 2018 wolf hunts begin. Please take a moment to sign the petition and speak up for our nation’s wolves.

Many people are unaware that the government kills innocent wildlife for the interest of cattle ranching, so please make sure to get the word out even more and share this with your network!

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Pixabay

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6 comments on “Wyoming Plans to Kill More Wolves — Speak Up Now to Stop This!”

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Ron Fields
8 Months Ago

I agree with Lyn Steele! Not only with the statement about the horses and burrows, but also with the other wild game species that the wolf has affected since their reintroduction to the greater Yellowstone eco system. There are so many wolves in Yellowstone Park that the wolf packs are migrating out of those boundaries in search food. The elk herds around Pinedale and Big Piney Wy are adversely affected. The ranchers in these areas are also loosing livestock do to the killing needlessly by the wolf packs. They are killing machines and there are documented cases of the wolf packs just killing wild game and livestock and leaving them to rot. Get all your facts before you start a petition to save the wolves. The Wy Game and Fish is doing the right thing!

I\'m right
03 Feb 2018

Ron, The wolf actually saves almost all other animals by leaving what they don\'t finish and the other animals then come and feed on the dead carcass. Otherwise they would die. You also are a killing machine when you eat cows, fish, turkey etc. The wolf population is also very low. They might migrate out of the area because they don\'t understand what their area is. Also why not kill the mountain lions, panthers and bob cats that are killing machines!!!!

8 Months Ago


Lynn Steele
8 Months Ago

The statement that wild horses and burros are culled to expand cattle ranches is blatantly false. Horses and burros are culled to protect the range from overgrazing. As to wolf hunting, this is the most humane and effective method to control the population which is beyond capacity of the prey base. It also generates revenue for state wildlife agencies instead of expense.

03 Feb 2018

Right on the money Lynn; The jerks writing this petition are idiots and morons and definitely NOT thinkin with whatever brain they may have.

James Fagnant
03 Feb 2018

Lynn is so correct. It is simply amazing the amount of people so out of touch. I don\'t believe the wolves they introduced into Wyoming were the ones even native to that area. They have now over populated into more states. The elk and deer herd numbers are decreasing. Proper management has to take place not only for these wolves but for these so called wild horses and burros which were probable domestic at one time and either released or escaped.

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