When a twenty-six-year-old woman in Mobile, Ala., lost her right eye in a savage, senseless attack at the end of June, she probably never imagined that somewhere out there was a dog who would instantly bond with her and help take the pain away … and who had himself lost his left eye.

On June 28, as Maria Williamson sat a traffic light on her way home from work, she was approached by four unknown young men who wanted to steal her car. As one of the suspects attempted to get into the car via the passenger side door, another of the attackers took out a gun and fired at her through the driver’s window. Despite her traumatic experience, she was able to flee from the men and drive herself to Mobile Infirmary, where her injuries were treated.


Following the Mobile Police Department’s release of a surveillance video of the area in which the crime took place, six juveniles, all under 18, were arrested in connection with the shooting. Maria attempted to move on with her life. Friends and co-workers have rallied round to help her pay for her medical expenses, by setting up a GoFundMe page to raise money.

Meanwhile, Mobile’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) were desperately fighting to save a tiny four-week-old pup called Bear, who had lost his left eye after being attacked by another dog. The rescue organization had also turned to crowdfunding as a way to help pay for his veterinary bills and ongoing care. Bear’s YouCaring page, Bear Needs A Miracle!, has currently raised $1,045 out of its $2,500 goal.

Get out your hankies, Green Monsters, because this is the part where Maria realized that she and this sweet pooch – who had been through a horrific experience so similar to her own – were destined to be together.

When Maria’s boyfriend C.J. saw a photo of Bear on Facebook, he immediately reached out to ARF, explaining that he believed caring for Bear would help his girlfriend recover from her experience.

The next day, ARF posted on Facebook: “We are happy to announce that Maria Williamson has adopted Bear!”

They added, “We were so moved by C.J.’s email and again today when we had the pleasure of meeting Maria in person and introducing her to sweet Bear.”

“Maria is an amazing person and it’s obvious that she and Bear are meant to be together. This sweet boy still has a long road of recovery ahead of him but then again, so does Maria,” said ARF.

“We’re sure having (one another) to lean on will make this journey so much more bearable.”



It is so wonderful to see the happy ending that these two could bring to one another. We can only hope that their love and companionship will continue for the rest of their lives!

Sniff … excuse us for one moment, Green Monsters, we seem to have run out of tissues…

All image source: Animal Rescue Foundation/Facebook and YouCaring