Many of us know how rewarding volunteering at an animal shelter can be. After all, what could be better than giving some TLC to cats and dogs while they wait for their forever home? Flushing, Queens resident Rachel Mendoza started as a volunteer at her local shelter, driving dogs to home visits, but she wished that she could do more. Mendoza decided to spend a little time with pups in recovery from surgery then eventually went on to foster a little Terrier.

One year after she fostered that little Terrier, Mendoza’s home had been dubbed “Camp SCR,” after the shelter that saves the dogs, Second Chance Rescue. What started as a place for young puppies to receive round-the-clock care has recently been turned into a haven for special needs dogs and dogs recovering from surgery.


Can you say “dream job?” From injured dogs in an overcrowded California shelter to dogs on the euthanasia list in the South, Camp SCR is a safe haven for all pups. 

At Camp SCR, injured and special needs pups are always the guests of honor.

Camp SCR typically takes in 8-10 dogs at a time and has been a fun and safe environment for over 120 dogs so far. 

With so many happy pups running around, doing what dogs do, Mendoza’s backyard has suffered. Because Camp SCR specializes in caring for injured pups, many of the dogs run the risk of infection because of the exposed mud. As a temporary solution, Mendoza has been keeping everyone safe indoors.

Second Chance Rescue wants to help Mendoza turn her backyard into doggy heaven, starting by laying down K9 Grass, a synthetic grass made just for our beloved dirt-digging dog friends. With that, the dogs of Camp SCR would be free to run around and play without injuring themselves.

Second Chance Rescue has set up a fundraiser to help and in just a few weeks’ time, they’ve nearly reached their donation goal of $25,000.



Second Chance Rescue has already raised over $21,000 in donations — they’re so close! If they’re able to meet that goal and more, then just think of how many more injured and  special needs dogs that they’ll be able to care for.

To help Second Chance Rescue reach their goal of transforming Camp SCR’s backyard into doggy heaven, you can make a donation here.


All image source: Regina Mendoza/Second Chance Rescue