A woman was on her way to take her dog to the vet when she noticed a mysterious black lump lying in the grass by the road. The black dot was tiny, but she managed to spot it from the car and pulled over to investigate. When she came closer, she noticed it was a kitten – a little ball of black fluff who was clearly in need of help. The baby didn’t move until gently nudged, then, finally, gave out a little meow. Lucky to be found, the solitary kitten was taken in by her rescuer who hoped to find the kitten a home. As it soon turned out, however, the baby was about to make that separation difficult – although, in the sweetest way.

The story of the little kitten was shared by Imgur user AmericanHam whose sister came across the baby and brought her to safety.

Once at her rescuer’s home, the kitten got a warm bath and a much-needed meal. She also met a dog named Cali. Soon, both were sweetly asleep next to the fireplace.

The woman was unfortunately not able to take in another pet, but the sight of the little kitten cuddling up to her dog and purring quickly made the thought of separating the two very difficult…


Fortunately, once she turned to her family for help, her brother and his girlfriend fell in love with the kitten, Love Meow reports. Now, the baby will be moving in with them – and Cali will be visiting her regularly.

This sweet little one was so lucky to be found by the person who would help her find a forever home! With over 70 million stray animals roaming the streets in the U.S., more little ones like this fluff-ball desperately need homes. You can help other animals in need by always adopting and never shopping for a pet, and volunteering at your local shelter! Remember to always spay/neuter your pets to help reduce the number of unintended litters. Together we can help build a happier world for animals in need!

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