Ollie the kitten was found abandoned outside of a grocery store. Without his mother to protect him, the one-day-old kitten would not have survived on his own. Thankfully, a couple found Ollie and brought him to Imgur user CaliCatLady101, who agreed to take on the huge responsibility of raising the newborn. While her original plan was to nurture him until he reached an adoptable age, Ollie and his foster mom formed an unbreakable bond that led her to adopt him permanently.

On the day of his rescue, Ollie was in surprisingly good health for an abandoned newborn.

His foster mom provided him with a safe, warm box with cozy towels to sleep on, and a fuzzy toy to cuddle with. 

After a big meal, his belly looked huge! No wonder he needed an equally big nap.

A young kitten like Ollie would typically keep close to his mother in order to stay warm. To imitate this, his mom would wrap him in a towel like a “purrito” and keep him next to her heart. He was lucky to have such a dedicated foster mom to replace his cat-mama!

Like any baby, this fuzzy kitten spent a lot of his time snoozing. 

Wee kittens are also very vulnerable to getting sick. This photo shows Ollie, conked out after a tiring visit to the emergency vet to treat dehydration.

Ollie’s mom calls this one “Favorite Baby Photo.” 

Her friend originally described Ollie as looking like “an alien rat.” Once his eyes opened, all of that changed.

Ollie’s mom was a busy lady, but she didn’t let that hold her back from giving this kitten the best care in the world. She would keep him purrito’d as she went about her errands.

Ollie’s sweet personality showed through the “interesting” positions he would fall asleep in after feeding. 




Fostering homeless animals is a great way to help little ones like Ollie if you’re not ready to adopt. But in the case of Ollie and his former foster mom, the bond that they formed was truly special and he ended up as a “foster failure.” We’re so happy that this kitten now has a forever home with the woman who raised him from day one.

If you’d like to foster a kitten who needs some TLC before they move on to their forever home, click here to learn more.

All image source: CaliCatLady101/Imgur