It’s a sad world we live in when living, feeling creatures being treated with a modicum of decency and kindness is something special, something we have to celebrate. A pig on a slaughter truck being given water may not sound like a big deal to some but, when the reality is that these animals are crammed tight in these trucks with no air or water, it is.

Save Groups hold vigils and give water to pigs in slaughter trucks who would otherwise have no love or support until their final, painful moments. What people don’t see and don’t know about slaughter trucks is that these pigs are often trapped in scorching heat and freezing cold for hours on end with no food or water. They get sick, throw up, and go to the bathroom on one another because there is so little space to move in the truck — as they’re packed in as tight as they can be because for the animal agriculture industry it’s all about saving money.


Join a Save Group today and bear witness to the suffering of farmed animals. Spread the word and the cries of these animals who otherwise would never be seen or heard. We may not be able to topple the system all at once but giving water to thirsty, scared pigs is still worth it. One step at a time.