Animal lovers will do practically anything for their companion animals, even when it comes to big life decisions. If they’re in the process of finding a new place to live, they will bypass all those that don’t allow pets. If they know that their pal needs to take a walk every morning, they will coordinate with their job to make it happen. And, just recently, a woman proved that the love of a dog knows no bounds when she called off her arranged marriage because the man she was set up with did not want her dog to be part of the deal.

You read that right. Karishma Walia, a woman from India, was texting her prospective husband when he matter-of-factly stated that he didn’t want a dog to come in between his love life, that his mother didn’t particularly like dogs, and that Karishma should essentially ditch her dog for him. Unsurprisingly, Karishma was not too fond of this idea and promptly told him that it wouldn’t work out between them.


The fact that this man thought that liking dogs would be a “temporary phase” just tells us that he’s never experienced the sweet love of a companion pup



According to BuzzFeed, Walia said her mother thought the guy was an excellent match because he was good looking and well-off. “There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog,” she said.

We, for one, are totally with Karishma! This situation just speaks volumes about how peoples’ lives are transformed once a companion animal is a part of it. People don’t call them fur babies for nothin’! Work days are not the same when you know your puppy BFF is waiting at home for you, going to the park seems wrong without them trotting alongside you, and caring about their wellbeing doesn’t seem overprotective, it just seems… right. Karishma did what every dog guardian should do: treat their pet like a being, not an object they can just do away with. And for that we applaud her.


Intext image source: Not Monika/Twitter

Lead image source: BuzzFeed