Julia is a “wolf-dog” who was found wandering the streets of California a few weeks ago. Most likely, this poor pup was a neglected or abandoned pet who got loose to look for food. When the good folks at Hope For Paws first found her, poor Julia was starving and covered in dirty, matted fur. She was very unsure of her rescuers at first, but the team won her over with treats and managed to coax her into their rescue car.

When they arrived at the clinic, they treated Julia for mange, a serious skin condition that can lead to fatal infections if untreated. Once she got a bath, she was moved to her kennel and settled into what was possibly the first clean, soft bed that she had ever known. After a few days of this treatment, Julia experienced her first major breakthrough when she actually wagged her tail! Since then, she has been steadily growing more confident as the staff showers her with love and affection, preparing her to one day find her forever home.


If you would like to follow Julia in her journey, or learn more about helping animals through Hope for Paws, you may visit their webpage here.