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Wild horses in North America are facing extinction due to the world’s selfish appetite for meat. Chased down by helicopters by the Bureau of Land Management and culled to clear ever-expanding land for grazing cattle, these majestic horses who once roamed freely with their wild herds are kept in tiny enclosures and “holding facilities” in America. After an indefinite amount of time, a number of these horses will be placed on the auction block alongside other horses like those retired from the racing industry. People who work in the horse meat trade are at these auctions ready to place their bids and ship these innocent animals to Canada or Mexico where they will subsequently be slaughtered for their meat around the world, particularly in some Asian and European countries.

A petition on Care2 explains how these horses (as well as Canadian horses) are often shipped as “live exports” via Canadian airports (Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg International Airports) to Japan to be slaughtered for a disturbing dish called basashi, thinly-sliced raw horse flesh. The petition states that before being slaughtered, these horses are not provided with food or water for up to 36 hours as permitted by the law within Canada. Factor in the time of flight and transport after landing and this length of time becomes far greater. According to the petition, this horse meat trade is worth $80 million in Canada, and these airports are profiting from the cruelty by collecting airport usage fees from the airlines who ship these horses, like Korean Airlines, Atlas Air, and Nippon Air.


If you would like to see these airports stop their participation in this brutal trade, please take a moment to sign the petition.

There are still many people who are unaware of what is happening to North American horses, so please make sure to share this with your network to increase awareness and support!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay