Baby deer are mighty cute, but they’re wild animals and should never be handled by humans. People sometimes encounter fawns while walking in the woods and assume they are orphaned and in need of help, but this is rarely the case. Mother deer hide their babies so they don’t get exhausted following them around all day, and though they might be out of sight, they’re never too far away. Unfortunately, people misunderstand and handle the found fawn in an attempt to comfort or save it. Fawns are naturally terrified of humans, so much so that interactions with humans could cause them to die of a heart condition called “capture myopathy.”

In this video, a Wildlife Aid rescuer makes the best out of a sad situation and helps a fawn that a man brought in. The fawn never should have been moved in the first place, but an expert shows the best way to reunite the baby with its mom. He demonstrates moving the fawn with a blanket and removing all human scent with dirt so the mother deer won’t reject it.

If you suspect a fawn is in danger, don’t touch! Instead, contact your local wildlife rescue.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons