The media has been up in arms over Kendall Jones, the 19-year old cheerleader who just so happens to love hunting endangered and critically threatened animals. While we in no way condone the behavior of Ms. Jones the media whirlwind that has resulted from her outrageous Facebook posts has given us a bit of a platform to use her blatantly cruel and perhaps grossly misinformed actions to bring some light to this horrible situation.

Kendall Jones is a teen looking for attention–her ultimate aspiration is to have her own TV show–and attention she has gotten. So now that all eyes are focused on this ordeal, let’s use this time to do something positive for animals instead!


I can’t imagine there is a single Green Monster out there who wouldn’t drop everything to help an animal in need, so if you’re looking to do something AMAZING for animals (and quiet this Kendall Jones nonsense) check out these 5 things that you can do to help out tons of animals in need!

1. Help Save Animals from the Effects of Palm Oil

Nearly 300 football fields of forest are cleared every HOUR to make room for palm plantations. As the result of this mass loss of precious rainforest many animal species are at risk of becoming extinct within our lifetime if we don’t take action. The Sumatran Orangutan species is clinging on for survival with population numbers swirling around 6,300–every year around 1,000 orangutans are killed due to palm production.

Palm oil is found in the majority of consumer goods we buy everyday, so to help protect these delicate orangutans all you need to do it consciously remove palm oil from your life. As demand for the product goes down so does the need to clear rainforests and endanger animals. Click here to learn more about palm oil and here for simple alternatives.

2. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Simple and sweet. Help save dogs, cats, and a whole slew of other animals from the miserable life of living in a puppy mill or any sort of mass breeding facility by adopting your pets from a local shelter or rescue organization.


By adopting you are also helping to end pet homelessness and giving animals that are rescued from life on the streets a second chance in a happy forever home. What’s not to love about that?

3. Help Farm Animals 

One amazing way to help animals living in factory farms and suffering through deplorable and abusive conditions is to stop eating meat and dairy all together. While this may not be possible for some people, cutting back on your consumption of animal products can also make a difference.

Additionally, you can get up close and personal with some loving animals rescued from factory farms by visiting a farm animal sanctuary. Choose to volunteer your time or donate to your favorite rescue, either way you are sure to put a smile on some little piggies face.

4. Protect the Oceans

The oceans of the world are home to a vast number of marine animals. From whales and dolphins, to sharks, seals, and a never ending number of fish, the ocean is an animal playground! Unfortunately, we don’t always treat the oceans as such.


Every year 100 million sharks are killed either the result of bycatch from the commercial fishing industry, organized culls, the “delicacy” shark fin market, or marine pollution. These apex predators are the key to maintaining a healthy and balanced ocean and yet we treat them like monsters to be feared. Watch this video of a woman dancing with tiger sharks and sign this petition to end the Australian Shark Cull. You can also help by cutting seafood out of your diet to ensure your daily choices aren’t contributing the loss of biodiversity in our oceans.

5. Empty the Cages!

The simple gist of this call to action is to stop supporting any organization that keeps animals in cages for the purpose of profit.


Boycott SeaWorld and other marine parks, go to a verified animal sanctuary rather than a zoo, don’t purchase products that are tested on animals! By making these simple, conscious decisions you are telling these individual industries every day that you do not support their practices. If more and more people stop doing these things then we can save millions of animals from living miserable lives in captivity. Small act, big impact!

So Green Monsters: what action will you take?