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American cuisine has long been defined by the standard meat, cheese, and potatoes. We’re a country that is known for a plethora of fast food options that make cheap, quick, and mostly low-quality food readily available. Given our taste for all things meat and cheese, it is unsurprising that these two items are featured prominently in almost all fast food restaurants – but, things are starting to change.

In the past few years, Americans have been eating less meat and looking for viable plant-based alternatives for protein. Whether the choice to do so is driven by the health concerns associated with eating meat or interest in cutting the carbon footprint of their diet, the fact remains that people want more plant-based protein options. And it looks like the fast food industry is finally recognizing this and responding with some pretty stellar meat and dairy free choices.

Taco Bell announced a Vegetarian Certified menu, Starbucks is stocking coconut milk, entire fast food chains devoted to plant-based cuisines are booming – and most recently, White Castle released an all plant-based veggie burger option that is now readily available to the masses!

White Castle’s new burger is made in partnership with Dr. Praegers’, and the patties contain many healthy, whole food ingredients like real carrots and zucchini. The best part about this new burger – they’re only 99 cents each!


White Ccastle’s official statement about the sandwich also let on that there may be similar projects in the works. When asked about their motivation behind the sandwich, they said, “We are committed to listening to our customers and keeping up with changing tastes by developing new menu items.” When asked about the new slider, White Castle called it “an incredible new taste experience that’s different from any other sandwich on our menu.”

Having a reasonably priced, healthy plant-based option at a major fast food restaurant is a hallmark victory for many reasons. Not only does this offering create more options for people who eat mostly plant-based, but it also makes wholesome, healthy options available to people who might not otherwise be able to access them. While eating wholesome plant-based foods is a great choice for your health, the reality is that Farmers Markets and Whole Foods stores don’t exist everywhere. In reality, many parts of the U.S. are food deserts where the only options are fast food chains. Bringing a healthier vegan option to a fast food giant like White Castle means that millions of people will now have access to a meat alternative, which is certainly something to celebrate.

Not to mention, adding a 100 percent vegan burger into the mix will help lower the demand for highly processed meat options – which is a major victory for the planet and animals as well.

While this is an epic win for your everyday person, who eats plant-based, the ripples of awesomeness extend far beyond that.  So the next time you find yourself at White Castle, why not splurge on a crave case of these babies!

Lead image source: White Castle