Sir Paul McCartney has been an outspoken animal rights activist for years. He has worked closely with several animal rights organizations and is famously quoted saying, “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Based off this quote, McCartney teamed up with PETA a few years back and narrated an expose into the meat industry, titled Glass Walls.

And the musician didn’t stop there. Earlier this month, McCartney heard of a UK project that would send thousands of time capsules to the moon in 2025. He wasted no time in purchasing a “memory box” with the plan to fill it with this documentary and photos of the terrible meat industry. Today, we often look back at photos of years past with horror at the way they treated others and animals alike. We have made much progress in the animal rights front. For the first time, animal’s are being granted rights, the majority of people are taking a stand against abuse, and laws in favor of animals are starting to appear. With this said, however, their is still much to work towards for animals. The meat-industry is horrific and we’re losing species of animals at an alarming rate.

“Paul’s contribution to the lunar time capsule ensures that we never forget what animals have endured at human hands and have hope for a vegan future,” states PETA director, Mimi Bekhechi.

By placing photos and this documentary into a time capsule, the musician hopes to remind future generations of the horrible ways we treated animals. If they see these images, this may inspire then to continue to fight for animal rights and ensure this treatment will never happen again.

Contrary to what some might be saying, McCartney does not have the goal of converting all astronauts to veganism. Instead, he hopes to promote awareness of the situation animals in the meat industry must endure and encourage people to make an effort to stop it. This former Beatle is also a large promoter of Meatless Mondays among other programs aimed at changing the meat industry and supporting animal rights. We happen to think Sir Paul is the coolest musician around!


Lead image source: Across The Universe/Flickr