Guess we need to pack our bags for Seattle! Next Level Burger, the first 100 percent plant-based burger restaurant in the U.S., just opened their doors at a Whole Foods in a Seattle. Um, yum!

Next Level Burger was started by husband and wife duo, Cierra and Matt de Gruyter in 2014 in Bend, Oregon – and now, there are already four Next Level Burger locations, with customers raving about the delicious plant-based burgers. Seeing the high demand, Whole Foods agreed to test the concept inside their smaller, millennial-focused 365 store in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The pilot was such a success that Next Level Burger opened their doors inside the Seattle Whole Foods.

The restaurant opening drew thousands, who all lined up early to try Next Level Burgers menu. The opening celebration was marked with a burger cutting ceremony, Next Level Burger’s twist on the class ribbon cutting ceremonies. 


Next Level Burger serves up are house made burgers, such as the Umami Mushroom and Quinoa Patty that has as drooling, and they also offer the delicious Beyond Burger. Next Level also has hot dogs, tater tots, and hand-spun dairy-free milk shakes. All vegan!

The popularity of Next Level Burger isn’t surprising. More people than ever are reducing their meat consumption and opting for plant-based options instead. A recent report by global market research firm Mintel shows that more people than ever are open to trying meatless burgers, a trend that is being driven largely by Millennials; 64 percent have tried meatless burgers versus 28 percent of Baby Boomers. With this in mind, making plant-based burgers readily available in Whole Foods is a pretty genius idea. If nothing else, it will certainly solve the “never grocery shop while hungry” conundrum!

Several more Next Level Burger locations are set to debut soon (please come to the East Coast!) and we can’t wait. Next Level Burger is another promising sign that the future of food is indeed plant-based.

Image source: Next Level Burger/Facebook