The utterly vile annual dolphin hunt and massacre in Taiji, Japan is a global issue that cannot go unnoticed. Infamous for the senseless assaults, torture, kidnapping, and massacre of countless dolphins, these disturbing crimes must end now.

Each year, “The Cove” in Taiji is a bloodbath too difficult to watch for many. Innocent dolphins swimming peacefully in their ocean home are suddenly bombarded with massive boats and maniacal humans attacking them. The dolphins who aren’t slaughtered for their meat are selected for the captivity industry and sold to various marine parks around the world. With dolphins selling for upwards of $155,00 each, this is a lucrative business for Taiji fishermen.

As the above video proves, life after Taiji at these marine parks is yet another tragedy. This year, two Taiji dolphins were shipped to the Ulsan Aquarium in South Korea. Within five days, one of these precious mammals suffered a tragic death at the park. Reports found the dolphin died of bacterial bronchopneumonia and a pulmonary hemorrhage, a massive bleeding of the lungs.

This tragedy should have never happened. Please remember this heartbreaking story and make a pledge to never visit and support marine parks, and please spread the word with family and friends!

For more ways to get involved in saving dolphins, please visit Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project website.