The amount of plastic we throw away on a daily basis is … a whale of a problem. The organization Sky Ocean Rescue seems to know it all too well – and it is now taking its whale-shaped visual representation of the plastic waste crisis on tour to bring the problem to life.

Sky Ocean Rescue, the initiative of a popular European entertainment company that highlights global environmental issues, has created a 30-foot long installation of a whale built out of plastic.

The whale’s size is not accidental – it was made out of the same amount of plastic bags, bottles, and straws that are dumped into the ocean every second.


The whale has an incredibly important message – and it is now traveling across the UK to make it reach as many people as possible. The piece is set to visit England, Wales, and Scotland – it will be anchored on beaches, waterfront locations, and in city centers.

When it comes to issues of such huge proportions like the plastic waste crisis, it is often difficult to fully grasp the size of the problem jbecause the numbers we see are so unimaginably huge. Around 8.8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year – although it is obviously enormous, this number is still quite hard to accurately picture in our minds.

This is why the plastic whale makes such an impact on anyone who sees it! Especially considering the whale is made of plastic that is thrown into the oceans literally every second. Seeing face to face the unbelievable amount of plastic waste that gets into the waters and endangers marine wildlife, it would be difficult not to give the whole issue some serious thought … and perhaps be inspired to take action – or at least we really, really hope so.

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Image source: Sky Ocean Rescue