Thanks to eye-opening documentaries like Blackfish and The Cove, the general population has become increasingly more aware of the brutalities involved in animal captivity in aquariums and tourist attractions like SeaWorld. As a result of this increased awareness, ticket sales to SeaWorld’s parks have dropped, although they lied about this to investors … landing them in the middle of a class-action lawsuit and an investigation by the Department of Justice.

Smart companies, often with the push from activists and organizations like PETA, have cut ties with SeaWorld and pledged to not support or promote the vile company. Among these companies are Taco Bell, Thomas Cook, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Hyundai Motor America, Panama Jack, and now, WestJet!


WestJet makes this decision after encouragement from PETA and over 160,000 animal advocates who sent the company emails asking them to cut ties with SeaWorld. PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman stated, “No compassionate company today is willing to associate itself with SeaWorld’s orca prisons … PETA is calling on kind consumers to stay away from SeaWorld and choose to do business with travel providers such as WestJet that have pledged to do the same.”

PETA notes that at least 40 orcas, over 300 other whales and dolphins, and around 450 seals, sea lions, and walruses have died at SeaWorld’s parks. A very alarming 46 percent of all these deaths, and 60 percent of orca deaths, were the result of infections due to life in captivity. Sound like marine animal conservation to you?

Of course, while living, these animals suffer tremendously, confined to bathtub-like enclosures instead of endless ocean waves and are forced to perform unnatural tricks in exchange for food before obnoxious crowds instead of utilizing their hunting instincts in the wild. And before they ended their captive breeding programs recently, SeaWorld routinely forcibly impregnated animals only to rip away the babies at birth, resulting in haunting cries of pure anguish from the animals for days, weeks on end. In addition to infections, broken and missing teeth and collapsed dorsal fins are the norm only in captivity, and serious psychological trauma from captivity known as zoochosis affects these supremely intelligent animals, exhibited by compulsive, often self-destructive behavior, and even suicide attempts. And currently, SeaWorld has been forcing a severely injured orca named Katina to perform every day while leaving her massive open wound untreated.

Thank you, WestJet, for kicking SeaWorld to the curb and joining the movement toward a more humane future!


To learn more about PETA’s work to send SeaWorld’s animals to safety at seaside sanctuaries, go here.

These days, supporting SeaWorld is as much of a faux pas as donning fur, yet millions still visit the parks each year. Please help spread awareness of the issues surrounding marine parks by sharing this with your network and telling your friends and family to never support SeaWorld and animal abuse!

Image Source: Pixabay