Rescue Dogs Rock has an update on Charity, one of 12 puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Alabama.

These dogs were in the worst state imaginable. The owner didn’t have a clue about the sexes of these 10-month-old puppies because the mother gave birth outside. This irresponsible person wasn’t even aware there were any pups for about four weeks and never bothered to look for sick or missing dogs!


Charity, thankfully, is now safe. She had horrific mange and was infested with fleas. She was clearly suffering for a long time. Charity was malnourished, almost hairless, and covered in sores that are red and bleeding. It seems that some kind of chemical was poured on her perhaps in an attempt to treat these wounds but has only made things worse.

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When she was in the shelter, Charity just sat there dejected and whining, and who could blame her for being left like this? Thankfully, Rescue Dogs Rock immediately arranged for her medical care. Charity was taken to their Georgia vet being checked over and cared for. 

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It’s impossible to not want to reach into the screen and snuggle this little girl. To know that the only life she has ever known is one of cruelty and neglect is utterly heartbreaking. We can’t wait to hear that she is recovered and setting off to live with a family that is going to give her everything she will ever need.

This is the side of puppy mills we need to stand up against. Puppies are left in awful conditions with no medical treatment. Mange, dental problems, genetic deformities, fleas, and matted fur or no fur at all are just some of the issues pups born in these mills face. Mama dogs are bred continuously, their pups taken away from them so there is no time to bond, leaving these poor dogs exhausted and missing their babies. Every step taken to end puppy mills is a great one, to prevent stories like Charity’s being such a regular occurrence that we dismiss it as normal. This cruelty isn’t normal.

Rescue Dogs Rock takes in and saves the lives of dogs like Charity every single day. There are thousands more who need help that Rescue Dogs Rock can and will do all they can to give them better lives. But this doesn’t come cheap; they need kind volunteers and generous donations to keep going. Please take a look at their Facebook page to see just a taste of some of the incredible work they do!


Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock