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Every Sunday, One Green Planet brings you the week’s top videos. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up!

1. Executive Chef’s Top Tips For Cooking With Tofu [Video]


Top tips for cooking with tofu… from an Executive Chef of London’s top vegan restaurant #tofu #cookingwithtofu #tofutips #headchef #stemandglory #foodtok #veganfoodtok #veganrestaurantlondon

♬ Caalm Dooown – EL Locco

Executive Chef of Stem & Glory, a top vegan restaurant in London, shared his top tips for cooking with tofu that will transform your tofu recipes and have you cooking like a pro in no time!

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2. DIY Natural Paint Using A Cabbage [Video]


Red Cabbage is a fugitive (fading) colour but its ability to make many colours from altering pH is super cool. #veggies #garden #paint #paintmixing #cooking #eco #natural #arte #asmr #asmrcooking

♬ Sun – Adrian Berenguer

Making natural paint using cabbage is a fun and creative way to explore the world of natural pigments, and a great way to create a unique and vibrant color for your art projects. Jo’s Nature Art shared a step-by-step guide to making cabbage paint!

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3. DIY All-Natural Minty Shower Steamers To Alleviate Congestion [Video]


Pop 2-3 of these on the shower floor and breathe the scent in 🧘😌🧖🏼‍♀️#bathbombs #showersteamers #steamer #naturalremedy #diybeauty #selfcaretips

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Being congested is horrible in so many ways. From the crusty, red nose to the pressure and the headaches, struggling to breathe is awful.

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4. Easy Way To Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts [Video]


easy BROCCOLI SPROUTS 🌱🫙 from @tomatoeswithlemon all you need: 2 tbsp broccoli sprout seeds a mason jar seed sprouting jar lid (we used 25 oz mason jars with 2.75” lid) or small piece of cheese cloth instructions: DAY 1 1- Sanitize your mason jar by pouring hot water into it and leaving it for 1-2 minutes, then drain and let cool. 2- Soak the broccoli sprouting seeds in the jar submerged in filtered water, and close the mesh lid for about 5 hours. 3- Drain the water through the mesh lid, submerge it with fresh filtered water, swirl, then drain it (tap the jar upside down to get as much water out as possible). Then roll the jar around to separate the seeds while sticking to the sides of the jar. Leave the jar upside down in a bowl at an angle (this allows any remaining water to drip out). DAY 2-4 4- Continue this process twice daily; every day, your sprouts will grow a bit more by day 4 they have filled your entire jar. 5- Transfer to a container lined with a towel and store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. #broccolisprouts #broccoli #sprouting #sproutingseeds #brocollisalad #cruciferousvegetables

♬ original sound – Tomatoes with Lemon

Broccoli sprouts are tiny, nutrient-dense plants that come from the same family as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, and are among some of the healthiest foods around!

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5. How To Make Cranberry Juice At Home [Video]


Homemade cranberry juice was so easy and will be perfect for the upcoming holidays! 🥤 it tasted so much better than store bought, I think I’m even going to try adding raspberries to it next time!! This would also make a good homemade gift for the holiday 🎁 #Eco #Ecofriendly #LowWaste #ZeroWaste #Sustainable #Sustainability #CranberryJuice #Juice #Cranberry #Homemade #Homestead #Recipe #EasyRecipe #HolidayGift #HomemadeJuice #DIY #DIYGift #EcofriendlyGift #EcofriendlyGifts #ChristmasGift #ChristmasGifts

♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Homemade cranberry juice is a refreshing and delicious drink that has a tart and tangy flavor. It is much more intense than store-bought cranberry juice, as it is made with fresh cranberries and not from concentrate.

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6. A Day In My Dad’s Life Making Homemade Beds For Rescue Cats [Video]


It makes me so happy to see how my dad spends his retirement. I hope one day, I can have days that feel like it’s purposeful, but also includes mid-day naps, K-dramas, and cat time. #catdadha #dad #cats #dayinthelife

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

This Tiktoker shared a day in their 76-year-old dad’s life, and the internet can’t get enough!

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7. DIY Natural, Non-Toxic Hair Perfume [Video]


2 ingredients hair perfume 👱‍♀️#zerowaste#perfumetiktok#diybeauty#zerowasteliving #naturalhaircare#fragrance#allnatural#diyrecipe#lowaste

♬ original sound – Bottega Zero Waste

Making your own natural, non-toxic hair perfume is a great way to create a signature scent without exposing your hair to harsh chemicals. It’s also a great way to save money!

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8. These Sanctuary Animals Are Living Their BEST Life [Video]


Living their best lives in paradise! ❤️ Every day, the decisions we make can have an impact on the lives and fate of farmed animals. 🐑 By making kinder choices we can help transform their lives and ours! 💛 #farmsanctuary #farmsanctuarylife #rescueanimals #animalrescue #animalrescuestory #friendsnotfood #sheepoftiktok

♬ this is the life – leticia

These sanctuary animals are just the cutest! Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit farmed animal sanctuary that works to create a humane and just world for all. They also have adorable content on their TikTok page!

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9. LOL A Day in The Life of a Childless Dog Mom [Video]

A hilarious video recently went viral of a dog mom who hilariously explains her day as a childless dog mom, and spoiler alert: she loves it.

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