Each Friday, One Green Planet brings you the week’s top news. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this is will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you’ll find different categories of news, a synopsis of the top stories, and links to each article published during the week.

1. Animal Rights and Welfare News

Chimpanzee sitting on the ground

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As always we had a ton of news to cover in the world of animal rights and welfare. This week we saw happy and hopeful stories, as well as some grim and depressing ones. Some of the more notable stories included Meat Eaters Avoid Evidence of Animals’ Capacity to Think and Feel, New Study FindsAn Uninhabited Island is Home to 65 Traumatized Chimps After Years of US-Funded ExperimentsPatron, Famous Bomb Sniffing Dog Receives State Honor From Ukrainian President, UK Moves Forward With Allowing Gene Editing of Animals and Crops, and NY Senate Advances Legislation to Improve Animal Welfare and Increase Penalty for Mistreatment of Animals.

Here are the other important animal stories of the week:

2. Earth and Environmental News


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There were numerous stories about the environment this week which gave us hope for the future and reminded us how far we still have to go. Some of the more memorable stories included Smithfield’s Hog Farms Spilled Over 7.3 million Gallons of Waste Across Missouri, Report SaysStanford University Receives $1.1 Billion For New Climate Change and Sustainability SchoolDOJ Reveals New Office Dedicated to Addressing Environmental JusticeLithium Supply is Not Meeting Demand. What Are the Other Sustainable Alternatives?Replacing 20 Percent World Beef Intake with Protein Alternatives Could Cut Deforestation in Half, New Research FindsTwo New Reports Expose World’s Largest Agribusiness For Massive Deforestation and Land Grabbing in Brazil’s Fragile Cerrado RegionJalonne White-Newsome Announced as New Director of Environmental Justice for The White House, With Record-Breaking Heatwaves South Asia 10 Times More Exposed to Global Warming Threats Over Coming Decades, and James Cromwell Glues Hand to Starbucks Counter in Protest of Plant-Based Milk Surcharge.

Here are the other top earth stories of the week:

3. Plant-Based Food News

Lindt Chocolate Bar Unwrapped

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There was plenty of excitement this week in the world of plant-based food news, including Lindt Oat-Milk Based Chocolate Bars Now Available in The US!French Deaf-Owned Plant-Based Food Chain Announces International Expansion, and Tübingen: The European Eco-Friendly Vegan Dream City.

4. Natural Health News

Doctor Holding Platter of Fruits and Vegetables

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There were some promising and educational stories this week in natural health news, including Scottish Doctors Urge NHS to Ban Meat From HospitalsHow to Reset Your Nervous System in 30 Seconds to Ease Anxiety, and Doctor Shares Signs You Need More Vitamin B12 in Your Diet.

5. Human Interest Stories

Blue Origin Building

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This week we saw many human interest petitions, including Petition: Investigate Russian Soldiers Committing Sexual AssaultPetition: Tell Congress Not to Bail Out Jeff Bezos’ Space ProgramPetition: Stop Organized Stalking and Electronic HarassmentPetition: Demand Free Menstrual Products in Public Schools, and Petition: Repeal Order Declaring April ‘Confederate History Month.’ In other news, Rome Bans Picnics After Detection of African Swine Fever in Wild Boar Population.

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