The creativity of kids these days never fails to amaze us and when they use it to help innocent animals, well … even better! Aiden Horwitz, an 8th grader at the Austin Jewish Acadamy, developed a website called DogDoorDogDon’t, that matches people with their ideal shelter dog based on 13 important questions about their lifestyle.

The aim of the site is to help reduce the number of pets that end up in shelters – a noble goal considering around six to eight million enter the shelter system each year and only around half ever get adopted. Speaking with KXAN news in Austin, Aiden said, “Pretty much over half the dogs that are in shelters are because people get the wrong kind of dog for their family.” To solve this, she created a simple survey about potential adopters’ lifestyles and home environments. Some of the questions look at the size of the potential adopter’s home, how much barking they can deal with, do they have kids, and how much time the dog may be home alone. Points are then added up and the score is matched to adoptable dogs on the Austin Pets Alive website. Should the potential adopter score ten percent or less, they are told that a cat may be more up their alley!


DogDoorDogDon’t came to fruition after Aiden participated in one of the school’s electives called Passion Project. Fittingly named, students pick a subject they are passionate about and then design and complete a project about it over the school year. We certainly think this young lady accomplished what she set out to do and think she definitely deserves an A+ on the project. While the website currently only serves adopters in Austin, TX, Aiden states that she plans to add additional shelters around the state to match people with animals where they live!

Image Source: Pexels