A 32-foot long baby whale in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was blessed to be surrounded by good, compassionate people when they found themselves beached. What could have spelled death for the young whale ended up as a demonstration of how much good people can do for animals when they put those animals — and not selfies — first.

According to the Indian Express, the whale, which weighs over four tons, was beached for over 24 hours before it was discovered by the locals. People organized to help the whale, drawing in over 300 people to the cause.


The shallow water washed towards the whale, who looked incredibly exhausted. The group brainstormed how they could get the baby whale closer to the water. Many thought the whale was doomed as beaching events are incredibly traumatic.

However, through the combined efforts of these compassionate folks, the whale sprung back to life and managed to swim back into the ocean! The crowd cheered and celebrated a well-deserved victory.


Here’s to hoping this whale found their way home, back to their mother!

All image source: Folha de Búzios/Facebook