Animal Rights Group Targets Princeton University in New TV Commercial

The Animal Rights Group Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN) plans to air a commercial that would shed negative light on Princeton University’s animal experiments involving primates. The animal rights group is seeking donations to run the commercial that claims the university is practicing animal abuse.

According to the group, Princeton University has violated the Animal Welfare Act in experiments that abuse primates. According to information obtained from a whistleblower from within Princeton, the experiments deprive primates of water, confine them to restraint chairs, and bolt devices into their skulls.


“Every one of the photos in the commercial is not from Princeton; the Princeton ones were too graphic,” said SAEN founder, Michael Budkie.“[The photos in the commercial] accurately represent what goes on in this type of lab environment, though.” In response, the University has maintained its stance on both the importance of animal testing for research and its commitment to strong oversight of animal research through continual review of Princeton’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Watch the Commercial below and click here to donate money so it can be aired on TV.