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The future of food is being shaped by the plant-based movement so much that even fast food chains who rely heavily on industrialized animal agriculture have caught on to the shift in consumerism and made changes to their menus as a result. Fast food giants like McDonald’s, White Castle, and Fatburger have all released non-meat alternatives to their typical meat-heavy grub in at least some locations, and more recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced plans to introduce a vegetarian “chicken” in its UK restaurants.

Although this announcement has been met with positive reactions by many, fans of KFC outside of the UK are disappointed they will not have access to the new meat-free option. A petition has been launched on Care2 to convince KFC to bring their vegetarian “chicken” to its U.S. locations.


As the petition points out, a study has shown that eight million Americans follow a strict vegetarian diet, and 37 percent of Americans choose meat-free options when dining out. Considering this, it would be financially smart for KFC to bring its meat-free option to the States.

If you would like to see KFC bring their meat-free chicken alternative to its U.S. locations, then sign the petition here.

Although KFC’s new meat-free option is still considered fast food and not necessarily aimed at the health-conscious, the environmental impact of a mega fast food corporation providing meat-free alternatives is HUGE. To learn more about how plant-based nutrition has the potential to save the world and its natural environments, check out the Eat for the Planet book!

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Buzz Petition

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