Wallace is a two-year-old rabbit who gets spoiled every day. A Flemish Giant, his breed is particularly beautiful and fluffy and Wallace is about as handsome as handsome rabbits get. While some poor, unfortunate bunnies live their whole lives in cages as the victim of human experiments, Wallace enjoys a love filled life of hugs. His special friendships with both his cat and human friends just go to show how sensitive and intelligent these shy little animals really are.

Everyone, from his human companion’s to his kitty cat friend agree that Wallace gives the best cuddles!


This sweet kitty like Wallace so much that he is even willing to share the bed with him.

But Wallace is a fair fellow, so he always shares, too!

Sweet Wallace can be a lot of fun when he is playing in his tube.

And other times he is all about the kisses!

It is impossible to imagine how people think that rabbits don’t have feelings after looking at this face.

Yet rabbits all over the world are the victims of cruel research and fur industry. Wallace says,”No one needs a rabbits foot but a rabbit!” Look at how cute his are!


With more people opening their hearts and homes to rabbits, we are learning that these creatures are just as capable of love and affection as cats or dogs. Hopefully, the tide is beginning to turn for rabbits everywhere as people realize that all animals deserve the right to be loved.

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 All image source: Wallace the Wabbit/Instagram