Some rescued dogs find their homes miraculously fast, sometimes even before they are ready for the change. But other dogs do not have it that easy and have to wait for their real forever homes much longer. Hayley is one of those other dogs. Rescued well over a year ago, she came to Pennsylvania SPCA with all her ribs sticking out. She has been living at the shelter ever since – still waiting for her big day and new family to come.

Hayley was rescued in September 2016 by Humane Law Enforcement. When she first arrived at the rescue, she was unbelievably emaciated – and weighed only 42 lbs …


She was immediately taken under the care of the Shelter Hospital staff and began her recovery.

Thanks to her dedicated carers, she was smoothly and successfully nursed back to health – and now she weighs over 70 lbs!

After working with the shelter’s behavior team, Hayley finally had the chance to learn the world is not a scary place and that there are good people around her – people she can trust.

Hayley has many volunteer friends at the shelter, but what she really deserves and needs is a real forever home and a loving family that will spoil her and care for her.




Hayley was rescued from a life of neglect and shown that being a dog can actually be good. Now, she “is still looking for her one true love,” the shelter team writes – and hopefully she will not have to wait much longer.

If you are interested in adopting Hayley, contact Pennsylvania SPCA.

All image source: Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook