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It goes without saying that horses are magnificent and beautiful animals with strength, agility, and grace who have long been one of humans’ closest companions and allies. However, sadly, they are also targets of exploitation, with American horses chased down and culled in the wild by the Government, slaughtered for their meat to be sold around the world, and worked until exhaustion and often death in the racing industry. One harmful practice that is rarely talked about though is “soring,” which is typically done to Tennessee Walking Horses, a majestic breed known for its signature “walking” gait.

Tennessee Walking Horses are often prize winners at shows and competitions, but these wins come at a high price for the horses. A petition on Care2 written by Fund for Animals describes the gruesome practice of “soring” as such: “During this horrific practice, the horse’s legs are first burned raw with chemicals. Then, heavy chains are applied to exacerbate the pain, and the animal’s hooves are weighted down with stacked shoes. It’s painful for the horse to walk — or even just stand — and it’s all done to force the horse to step higher so it will win blue ribbons in a show ring.”

Thankfully, new legislation called the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, H.R.1837/S.2957 is now being considered, which would legally end this cruel practice. If you are shocked and saddened by what is being done to horses for no reason other than for human “entertainment,” please take a moment to sign the petition here to voice your support for this important cause.

Many people are entirely unaware of the practice of “soring,” so PLEASE help spread awareness by SHARING this with your network and encouraging your friends and family to join you in signing the petition.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay