Every day, thousands of refugees arrive by boat to Lesbos, Greece. After enduring a difficult journey from war-torn countries, they are often left without the possessions with which they had embarked.

One volunteer from Amsterdam, Floor Nagler, said she noticed a need for backpacks when she was helping refugees off their inflatable boats. In a rush, people often lose their bags en route and are left with nothing as they continue their journey through Europe. But there’s another problem at play: according to this video, 30,000 cubic meters of plastic are discarded from boats and life jackets. As a textile student, Nagler knew she could tackle both problems at once. She contacted her friend and fellow Dutch artist Didi Aaslund, and together, they came up with a plan to make bags from boats and life jackets!

Now, Nagler teaches refugees how to upcycle the material into bags, which only require three tools, zero electricity, and cost about three dollars to make!

We are so incredibly inspired by Nagler’s work. Not only is she helping hundreds of refugees, but she’s also saving our oceans by preventing these materials from going to waste!

To learn how you can help reduce ocean plastic – for the benefit of marine animals and people, join One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!