In many rural areas of the U.S., animal control is non-existent. This, unfortunately, means dogs get dumped to fend for themselves and often starve to death or get attacked by a predator. There are also times when the dogs get shot for no other reason than being a dog. There are many kind-hearted people who offer compassion for strays and provide them with shelter and food. As you can imagine, though, this isn’t an easy (or inexpensive) task.

One elderly Vietnam veteran, who has significant health issues, has been taking in dumped dogs in Tennessee. The big-hearted man often takes in the dogs and feeds them, even if it means he would have to go without food himself. But since the dogs are not currently spayed or neutered, they keep multiplying.


Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a non-profit based in Nashville, Tennessee, has stepped in to help. The dogs are fed but are all in poor conditions. The rescue has taken in four of the most seriously injured, two of which have gunshot wounds and one has a leg that will likely have to be amputated. They have also taken in six other dogs. 

The purebred dogs have all been taken in by a different rescue. The dogs left are mixes of Bernese Mountain dogs, Golden Retrievers, as well as a handful of hounds. The elderly man is going to a safe place where he will be cared for, the rescue shared on their Facebook

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue will continue to take in as many of the dogs as they can, but the costs are soaring. If you’d like to donate towards the dogs’ care, you can do so here


The Vietnam veteran had the best of intentions and we are thankful for what he was able to provide for the dogs when no one else would.


To learn more about Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and the amazing work they do, check out their website.

Image Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook