Animal advocacy has focused on ending animal testing for decades, and thankfully, the tides are starting to change, making the cruel practice more of a thing of the past, as Virginia becomes the fourth state to instate a law that requires companies to use non-animal testing methods!

Jennifer Boysko was the lead patron of the bill (HB 1087), and Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill into law. California, New York, and New Jersey have already passed similar laws, and we hope the momentum continues.

Matthew Gray, Virginia state director for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), commented on the news, stating, “By minimizing animal testing and instead focusing on the use of faster, cost-effective and more reliable testing methods, Virginia companies can save lives, time and money … We thank Delegate Boysko and Governor Northam for their leadership on this issue.”

The new law requires companies to use alternative methods that do not involve animal testing or that reduce the number of animals tested on. The law applies to tests for products like cosmetics, household products, and industrial chemicals, but it should be noted that it does not cover animals used in medical research, and it does not override any animal testing requirements set by state or federal agencies.

HSUS explains that new technologies, like 3-D printing, artificial human tissue, and computer programs, have begun to replace archaic methods that use animals, and they can actually be significantly more accurate than animal tests. With all the alternatives available today, there is no reason to subject innocent animals to invasive and painful tests, and this new law is a promising sign that things are really changing.

To learn more about testing methods that do not use animals, visit here.

And make sure you share this great news with your friends and family as a reminder to only purchase products that are not tested on animals!

Image Source: Pixabay