Victoria just became the first Australian state to ban puppy farming! Animal lovers across the globe, especially in Australia are rejoicing after the passing of the Domestic Animals Amendment Bill. The bill, passed December 15, 2017, officially makes puppy and kitten farming illegal in the state. Puppy farms will no longer be able to sell to pet stores, which is the driving force behind cruel and neglectful breeders. The new bill will no doubt set the bar for other states in Australia and around the world.

The bill also tackles other vital issues pertaining to the sale of dogs and cats, including restricting the number of breeding females owned by recreational puppy farm breeders to 10. Breeders will also have to be registered, improving traceability and bringing an end to illegal operations. RSPCA Victoria chief executive officer, Dr. Liz Walker stated, “Illegal operators will no longer be able to slip under the radar because anyone selling or advertising a puppy, kitten, dog or cat for sale will need to get a source number from the Pet Exchange Register, and use it in all advertising.”


Additionally, the new legislation will also improve pet shop operations by requiring them to only sell puppies and kittens from approved suppliers such as rescues, shelters, and foster carers. Puppies in store windows will now be a thing of the past and homeless pets will finally have a fighting chance at a forever home!

The monumental victory was a huge triumph for the animal welfare group, Oscar’s Law. Advocates from the organization worked tirelessly along with other instrumental voices to get the law passed. The group was founded by Debra Tranter who was inspired by her toy poodle Oscar, whom she rescued from a puppy farm.

Congratulations to all of Victoria’s dogs, cats, and compassionate animal lovers!

Learn more about Oscar’s Law by clicking here.


Image Source: Pexels