There has been a major health revolution spreading across the globe, with more and more people becoming conscious consumers and buying products that tout health benefits and are packed with nutritious ingredients. When it comes to beverages, consumers have been shifting away from sodas and other sugary drinks with no nutritional value, and instead, are opting for beverages that can improve their health and overall well-being. One of these quickly-growing popular beverage brands is Rebbl, which creates herb-infused coconut milk-based drinks that come in a variety of flavors like “Cold Brew,” “Golden Milk,” and “Spicy Chai.” Rebbl, which is already in 7,000 stores and has shown impressive growth, has now raised $20 million to expand their market even further!

Rebbl’s CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin has much experience in the health food sphere, having served as CEO of Clif Bar when Luna Bars were brought to market, as well as the CEO and co-founder of Plum Organics. The brand’s bottled beverages are plant-based and infused with herbs and “adaptagens” that Rebbl states decrease stress levels. This $20 million investment is led by Cavu Venture Partners and will allow the brand to focus more on marketing, innovation, and distributing their products to bigger retailers like Safeway.


Rebbl may be packed with yummy nutritious benefits, but it also has a social mission, with 2.5 percent of profits going to “Not for Sale,” an organization working to end human trafficking. Rebbl’s social mission is directly tied to the brand, with O’Loughlin telling CNBC, “It goes way beyond corporate social responsibility … [The mission] is intimately part of the whole business to the point that if you took it outside the brand, it would be destroyed.”

To learn more about how to balance a successful business while also  adhering to your personal beliefs and values, check out Sheryl’s recent interview on the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast where the entrepreneur discusses her experiences in the commercial health food space, why she believes “functional beverages” are taking over, and how Rebbl is on a mission to fight against human trafficking.

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Image Source: rebbl/Instagram